5 Reasons Your Hair Is Thinning

If your hair is thinning, knowing the reason why your hair has become thinner than usual will help you to take the right action to restore it. As such, here are some of the reasons why your hair might be thinning and what you can do if you have recently realised that your hair has started to thin and fall out. 

  • Stress 

One of the top reasons why your hair might be thinning is stress. Most people have to endure stress at some point in their lives. However, if this is severe and goes on for a long time, this stress might start to have an effect on your body. For instance, your immune system might struggle to prevent illness, you might experience digestion and sleep issues, and you might also be at an increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Not only this, but your hair may start to fall out and thin. As such, you should find ways to relax, such as taking time off work, trying meditation, and taking walks in nature. 

  • Age

One of the major reasons why your hair might be thinning is because it is a natural side effect of getting older, along with reduced mobility and vision. This is because, as you age, your hair grows slower and changes colour. As such, if you find that your hair is becoming thin and grey, you might consider looking into hair transplant cost, as this will enable you to know how much you need to start saving up to be able to restore the hair that you have lost. 

  • Genetics

However, sometimes, hair thinning and loss is unavoidable and due to your family’s genetics, with many people in your family finding that they lose their hair as they get older. If this is the case, hair loss may be inevitable, although you might be able to slow it down by using shampoos that stimulate hair growth and by caring for your hair to the best of your ability, such as by using natural products on it and leaving it to dry naturally. 

  • Hormones

Your hair may also be thinning due to a change in your hormone levels, for instance, if you are pregnant or if you are going through the menopause. You can prevent your hair from falling out by regulating these hormones. For instance, women experiencing the menopause may decide to go on HRT. You might also consider looking into hair loss medications. However, in most cases, once your hormones even out, your hair will start to grow thick again. 

  • Medications and Medical Treatments

Some medications and medical treatments can also cause hair loss. Although the most well-known of these is chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, some other drugs can rarely cause hair loss, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, beta-blockers, steroids, and hormone replacement medications. As such, you should always check the side effects before taking medication and talk to your doctor if you are unhappy with the side effects that these medications are producing.


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