5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that can be designed entirely to your personal style, with personal features and homely comforts to make it the perfect space for you to wind down and relax. Many people find it difficult to decorate their bedrooms to look stylish and luxurious, due to budgets and the high cost of many beautiful furniture pieces, but there are a few tricks to help you achieve a look of luxury without the heavy price tag.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Quality Linen

Whilst you may find yourself investing a little bit more into high quality linen, it is always worth the cost. High quality linen doesn’t just feel amazing to sleep in and wash well, but it also looks stunning. The moment you look at the bed you will instantly know that the bedding is made up of amazing quality and rich materials which will automatically give a luxurious edge to the room. The great thing about spending a little bit more on high quality linen is also that you’re guaranteed to get the longevity and wear out of the material, making it great value for money.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Scatter Cushions & Layered Pillows

The best feature to any bedroom is always the bed, standing proud as the statement feature in the room. With this in mind, you want to ensure your bed looks inviting and cosy, whilst still providing the room with a luxurious touch. Start by adding layers of pillows to the bed, as this creates a very similar look to a hotel bed, as they are always plumped up and fresh. You can then add some more character and style to the bed by introducing some trendy scatter cushions. Position your scatter cushions at the front of the pillows and you’ll have a very aesthetically pleasing bed.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Stylish Lighting

It doesn’t matter what type of lighting your current bedroom has, there are always ways to create a luxurious look and enhance your rooms overall look. For those with hanging light fixtures, introducing some stylish lightshades will really help to add character to the area, whilst keeping the style of the room clear. If your bedroom has spot lights or mood lighting, introducing lamps would be a very good decision. There are so many stunning lamps available that help to enhance the rooms look and add a special touch. Lamps are also perfect for creating the perfect atmosphere, so you’ll be able to control the way your room feels at all times.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Personal Bedsides

One of the most understated features to a bedroom is the bedside tables, as many people don’t put very much thought into this certain décor piece. Bedside tables are one of the most useful and important features to the bedroom, however, as they provide you with plenty of room to store your favourite books, jewellery and the perfect spot to leave your phone. Having two oak beside tables, one at either side of your bed, will really help to draw the room together and create a lovely balance. Dress your bedside table with personal items like books, flowers and even photographs to keep the area personal to you and practical at the same time.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Fresh Touches

Flowers are ideal for adding a delicate yet stylish touch to any room, especially when you opt for your favourite smelling bunch that fill the room with a gorgeous scent. Having fresh flowers in your bedroom will instantly lift the atmosphere and create a luxurious touch that will create a warm and welcoming feel within the room.

5 Top Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

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