5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust


5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 5

Good to be Home…

All of my posts lately have been sharing our travelling. Roadtripping around Iceland was incredible and having the time to explore off the beaten track was terrific. However, I am glad to be back in Leeds, and to see my dog, Millie! As much as I love being home, I miss the freedom of the open road, the lack of worries when living with less and my sense of adventure and spontaneity when exploring a new place. It is addictive, all that culture, scenery, new friends, and afterwards you just don’t want to stop. I have caught the travel bug, and as we are aware, wanderlust affects so many people around the world. Rather than daydreaming of a one-way flight, I started to think of ways to see and do more on my own doorstep and make my home a place I love to be in. Here are 5 ways to cure your wanderlust without having to venture too far…5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 19

1 Be a tourist in your hometown

When on holiday or travelling I always make such an effort to see everything and explore, far more than I do when at home. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, go and see the iconic sights, visit museums or try the local food. I need to follow my own advice a little here and go and be a tourist in my own town! Whether it’s joining local tours or checking out theatres, parks and other neighbourhoods just break out of your routine.5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 205 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 21

2 Try something new

Write up your travel stories, make new friends, go camping, share your photographs, try a new restaurant or drive somewhere different. Whether it’s an outdoor activity that you have never done or choosing to take the scenic drive home, get out a little more and seek out a new experience in an old place.5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 22

3 Watch a sunrise or a sunset

Keep the magic of your travels alive by getting up early, making yourself a brew and taking the time for yourself to have a slow start to the morning whilst watching a beautiful sunrise. Equally spending an hour or so on an evening just sitting and watching the sky change colours is a great way to reset your mind and focus on the beauty in the world. The perfect wanderlust cure, no matter what’s going on in your life, where you are in the world, or whether you are solo or with someone you love. Another calming activity besides stargazing you should try is yoga or another relaxing type of fitness like pilates and guess what?? You can do all that in your backyard! All you need is some fitness gear and accessories and a good mood!5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 235 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 24

4 Love your home space

I am a hippie at heart, embracing minimalism and simple living for the last few years. I like clean, clutter-free spaces to calm my mind. It also means I spend my money on experiences rather than unnecessary items to fill my home. I also hate cleaning so having fewer things means less to clean! I love hassle-free living, its what works best for me and my little family. There is nothing nicer than relaxing at the end of the day, cosying up with my dog, my husband, my warm Cox and Cox throw and some new murder documentary with nothing to worry about but spending time together.5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 25

5 Plan your next trip

Starting to plan for your next adventure helps keep your mind focussed on what you are saving for and working towards. Learning about a new country and culture ahead of travelling can help you prepare and make the most of your time when you are next travelling. If you are after a bit of travel inspiration, you can follow my Instagram @lets_strikeapose5 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 265 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust 27


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