99p Ebay Nail Essentials Wishlist

99p Ebay Nail Essentials

Here is my 99p Ebay Nail Essentials wish list. On Ebay you can get some fantastic bargains especially on nail products. Here are a list of some of the items I want, and some that I already have and recommend.


Firstly, number 1. I have listed some nail tip guides. These are great inexpensive stickers used for adding a different colour to the end of your nail. This is great for doing french manicures evenly and matching or trying out funkier designs with different colours.


Number 2 is a product I have had my eye on for a while. These are nail art pens for adding very fine detail and they come in a whole range of colours. I definitely think that this will be a product I have to try.


3 is also some nail art pens this time with more of a felt tip end than a pen. I may purchase both and see how they compare. This pen looks as though it would have a very different technique and could be used for adding larger areas of colour.


Number 4 are some fantastic metallic stud stickers that I think instantly make the nail look far more expensive and fancy. Done in minimal amounts on dark polish seems to have a brilliant effect.


5. Again this is a product I already have. These are micro nail beads and are fantastic for sprucing up nails or adding detail to nail designs. So far I have used them as sprinkles on a nail cupcake design and added them on alternate nails.


Number 6 is also a great product. These pots of small glitter that can be used to enhance designs or add a bit of shimmer to an outfit.


Finally number 7 is the nail art dotters. These I highly recommend to anyone wanting to do nail art details and designs. They come in very useful for not only dot designs but adding all sorts of patterns easily.


1. Nail Tip Guides

2. Fine nail pens

3. Wide nail pens

4. Nail stud stickers

5. Micro Nail beads

6. Nail glitter pots

7. Nail art dotters



  1. 2013/09/05 / 14:25

    Wow, I cannot believe that all these nail essentials are 99p, eBay is brilliant! I really like the ‘nail art dotters’, they look great for making your own design. I want to get into nail art, so this blog post has been so helpful! What a great link up Bagging a Bargain blog post.



    • 2013/09/09 / 09:44

      Yeah Emma, there are some great cheap nail art tools out there! Thanks a lot :) Mary x

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