Amazon Prime Now – This is the Future!

I am all about convenience. I am a modern gal who loves to get on with life and make everything as straightforward and quick as possible for myself. If I can do it online, I will. For me trying out Amazon Prime Now service and app was a no brainer – having items delivered within 2 hours? Yes, please!

Amazon Prime Now

I had heard many positives about Amazon Prime Now from friends who have Amazon Prime membership, and, now that I have tried it, I cannot imagine going back. The first item I ordered was a Go Pro for filming my Lush Christmas bath demos, ideal for underwater shots. I thought this wouldn’t be a very common order, but it was in stock and delivered on the same day within my selected 2-hour window.

Amazon Prime Now

It is the best delivery service I have ever had. I can get on with my day without waiting in all day and know I won’t miss an order. The minimum order spend is only £20. You can track your order to see how far away your driver is on a map and you receive a text just before they arrive. All my delivery drivers have also been taxi drivers so far and have been so friendly, chatty and polite. Compared to other companies this is a nice change!

Other orders I have made since include Lucozade when Jon was unwell, great that I could just have that delivered when I didn’t have a car. I also ordered a lot of drinks for a party as it was cheaper to order my groceries and far easier to get them home. They even stock my favourite concealer which is often out of stock in Boots which was very handy!

Amazon Prime Now

A final item I purchased was a silver photo frame as a last minute birthday gift. Last minute Christmas Gifts will be a breeze this year!

Have you tried Amazon Prime Now?
Have you enjoyed it as much as myself?


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