Aneley Cosmetics Review – Make up Monday FOTD

Aneley Cosmetics recently sent me some of their gorgeous products to try. Aneley Cosmetics  are a company based out of Brooklyn, New York with two make up ranges, natural and professional. The natural line contains absolutely zero chemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or dyes and the professional line contains no parabens.

With my eye make up I started with their Mineral Sparkle Shadow  in Opal as a highlighter under my eyebrows and in the corners under  and above my eyes. On my top lid I applied Mineral Sparkle Shadow in copper using their Chisel Double Shader brush. Both powders are very vibrant and fine but not overly glittery. The powder doesn’t fly off everywhere like I’ve found some eyeshadow powders do and can be blended easily where you want it.

My favourite product that they sent me was the Cream Gel Liner in Very Black. I’ve used something similar by Maybelline and loved not only the effect but also how long the liner lasted for. I applied the liner with their Brown Faux Line and Smudge #44 as I would any other liner. The liner gives a very intense black outline to your eyes and is very easy to do cat flicks at the end. I wore this eyeliner all day and didn’t need to retouch it at any point, it looked perfect still at the end of the day but came away fine with a makeup wipe. This eyeliner does take longer to apply than using a felt tip liner like I usually use, but for special occasions or mornings with more time for make up this is a very good investment piece if you like your black eyeliner like me!

Lastly I used their Pure Lips Lipstick in shade Devoted #32. I really loved the shade on me, it was a very natural pink that looks great on fair skin and compliments the colour on my cheek.

Have you tried Aneley Cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts!

Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review Aneley Cosmetics Review

Links to Products Used –

Mineral Sparkle Shadow – Copper

Mineral Sparkle Shadow – Opal

Pure Lips Lipstick

Natural Organic Gel Liner

Brown Faux Line and Smudge #44 Brush

Chisel Double Shader Brush 



  1. Melissa Meussen
    2014/01/20 / 19:29

    Lovely products, especially the lipstick!

    • 2014/01/20 / 19:47

      I really enjoyed testing them out, think the lipstick is my new favourite shade! xx

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:34

      Really impressed with the Aneley Cosmetics, found it a fantastic colour for my skin tone :) x

  2. Lauren J
    2014/01/20 / 20:33

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but the products look amazing, I’ll have purchase some and try it out myself x


  3. Leanne Webber
    2014/01/20 / 20:13

    Thanks hun :)

  4. 2014/01/20 / 20:46

    I don’t know the brand but your make up looks gorgeous, really suits you!

  5. Vicky T
    2014/01/20 / 21:16

    Ooh never tried before but definitely will – they look lovely! The eyeliner looks amazing too, is it easy to apply or are you just an eyeliner whiz? xx

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:39

      Can’t lie it took me 2 attempts to get it even and matching but it gets easier with practice! I use it if I have a bit of time to get ready :p x

  6. Vicky T
    2014/01/20 / 21:18

    P.S – love your nails too! What polish is that? xx

  7. 2014/01/20 / 22:02

    That is a stunning eye colour! :O I love it!

  8. Miss. Louise
    2014/01/21 / 01:25

    Gorgeous eye look! I mean that eyeliner is STUNNING!!

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:46

      its a brilliant gel liner, really like the gel liners for creating dramatic eyes! x

  9. Rosie
    2014/01/21 / 11:46

    Those eyeshadows look stunning and Aneley Cosmetics sound fantastic, I wonder if they ship to the UK.

    Rosie x

  10. Ellie
    2014/01/21 / 11:58

    Such gorgeous eyes! The copper really makes your blue eyes pop! :)


    • 2014/01/25 / 22:49

      Thanks, big fan of copper eye shadows atm with my blue eyes, glad you like it :D xx

  11. Julia Vedeshina
    2014/01/21 / 16:32

    loved your make up, really natural and pretty looking, your brows are perfect;)

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:56

      really? I hate my eyebrows, they’re too dark haha. Glad you like the make up xx

  12. Katie
    2014/01/22 / 13:14

    Love the eyeshadow colours and so envious of how perfect your eyeliner is!

    Katie xx

  13. Marie Taylor
    2014/01/22 / 23:51

    This is such a pretty and simple look, really like it ;)

    Marie x.

    • 2014/01/25 / 23:20

      thank you, felt very fresh eyed with using a light eye shadow x

  14. A Palette of Pastels
    2014/01/27 / 18:25

    The copper mineral shadow is amazing! I really want it. Amazing make-up! :)

  15. Cheryl Brant
    2014/02/14 / 09:24

    such a lovely make-up, it suits you very well :) I love the copper mineral shadow!

  16. Aneley Cosmetics
    2014/09/12 / 04:17

    Hey @letsstrikeapose:disqus just wanted to drop a note and let you and your followers know that we now sell internationally!!! :)

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