Beautiful Ideas for Where to Start with a Large Garden

Whether you have a small or a large garden, it is always hard to make the most out of your outside space and design it in the best possible way. Sometimes the amount of work and upkeep can be completely overwhelming and it can be easy to let what could be the garden of your dreams fall to ruin and become simply a big space filled with weeds and weather-beaten furniture. For those with big gardens it can just seem like a huge undertaking to improve the space, or perhaps you’re really up for doing it up but simply do not know what to do and where to start! Thankfully there is a solution or alternative to every problem, and the following tips should serve as a useful guide to get all you can out of your large garden. It’s not always going to be simple, but it doesn’t have to feel like hard labour- and the results will be so worth it.

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Harmony is all-important; not only geometrically speaking but also nature-wise; you are after all outside in nature! Using space is a form of art, so think of a painting you may like to draw inspiration from and create the atmosphere you prefer. It can be rustic, classic, modern or even silly and cartoonish! Think about the types of materials you want to use in your outside space, are you looking for bright coloured wipe down plastics or natural materials that merge into their surroundings? Anything goes because your garden has to reflect your passions as well, so if you want to be closer to nature you might want to use anything made of wood; like benches, tables, lamp stands and sofas. Plastic creations will be useful for durable and sweet decorations, stone (e.g. for fire pits) and glass are also very appropriate for an outdoor feel.

If you like to relax you may even consider getting a hammock (if you have a couple of trees). Or you might have a porch and want to design the garden appropriately so you can enjoy the sunset while sipping a cocktail on a comfortable outdoor couch, sofa, or rocking chair with the perfect view at hand. Wooden pergolas are the next big trend in garden design; they allow homeowners to create an outdoor living room on their deck complete with dining table, chairs, kitchen, cooking pits, entertainment space, and plenty more- and of course they are also nature-friendly and sturdy, since they are made of durable timber like cedar. Taking the indoors outside is increasingly popular – outdoor rugs and weatherproof lamps in the style of those you’d expect to find in the living room are very popular garden additions.

Hanging outdoor lighting or fixtures with rafters is a great way to add to the evening ambience; while supports made of stone will also help you cool off on hot summer nights. Naturally, leaving some open space available is especially important so you can also enjoy the panorama without the view being blocked by unnecessary outdoor furniture.
It might seem a little over the top but pay attention to the art of Feng Shui, which in exterior and interior decor/design has now become crucial in major industries. Learn how to arrange the space so that energy is allowed to flow and there is no blockage caused by ‘empty space’ unless where appropriate- you still want to leave some space to lie on the grass or for your children to run around and play without knocking things over! You want to create a space with a really lovely energy that you and your family will feel compelled to spend time in.

And if you have flowers you may want to look at some garden landscaping books for useful tips on flower and colour arrangement. Also, don’t forget that your garden design and decor should also reflect the feel and energy of your home – unless you enjoy it as a safe escape from the daily household chores and lifestyle of course. And remember that it does not have to be all about gardening; if you do not have the time choose plants and flowers that do not require too much upkeep – furniture, decorations, lights and colours will make a huge difference.

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