Blog Birthday – Strikeapose is 2!

So today is my blog birthday, Strikeapose is two today. I cannot believe it has been two years of blogging, it has gone by so fast but I have also done far more than I would have ever expected in this time.

Two years ago I was a graduate, struggling to get work and not having the best of times. My partner Jon helped me come up with the blog name as well as setting up all the blog for me which I couldn’t have done on my own. Since then I have tried to blog everyday, I know that I have missed some, but today on my blog birthday this is my 562nd post so I am proud. If you want to see how far I’ve come this was my first post, nothing too embarrassing, but I think I have improved.

I don’t think any of my friends would have thought of this being the blog for me, many, I still think, don’t really realise that people actually read my blog. Blogging is something very personal for me, my escape and creative outlet, so a big thank you to all of my readers who have connected with me over the last two years, come back daily or who comment on the blog.

blog birthday

Recognising my blog birthday has made me realised that blogging is probably the best choice I have made in the last few years, if you have a passion and you want to start a blog, do it! Write about what you love and you will be so surprised by the rewards it brings!

The next year is promising some new and exciting projects and collaborations, a big jump up from what I have been doing so far. Whilst most of it is secret at the moment I am loving seeing my hobby turn into a full time job. What will my third year of blogging bring? Watch this space…




  1. Dressed With Soul
    2015/08/19 / 07:22

    Happy birthday to your blog! Honestly I really can imagine that this was one of your best decisions to start a blog – as I like you and your blog really!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. 2015/08/19 / 07:50

    HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! You’re blog is wonderful so I hope they realise how well you do ☺️ Good luck with the projects you have coming up, it sounds very exciting whatever it is!
    Bee xxx

  3. 2015/08/19 / 09:39

    Congrats on your blogversary! :D It is funny how fast time flys by. I figure it will be awesome to read my posts years from now and looking back what I was writing about :)

    x M.

  4. 2015/08/19 / 12:12

    Happy blogiversary!! I’ve been reading for about a year. Being based in Yorkshire too, it’s nice to see a beauty and fashion blogger from outside of London. Keep up the good work!

  5. Miki Nyckel
    2015/08/19 / 12:38


  6. Samantha Pinkie
    2015/08/19 / 22:56

    Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog is one of my favourites, can’t wait to see what you have planned. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  7. 2015/08/20 / 12:57

    Happy blog birthday! One of the most satisfying things about blogging is being able to look back and see that you’ve created something so good completely from scratch – well done and good luck with the future projects :) x

  8. Nadiya Sloan
    2015/08/21 / 08:21

    Happy 2nd birthday! :) Writing about what you love is probably the best advice <3 I have just started my blog. It was a few years in the making as I was reading others and so unsure about starting my own. There is still so much to learn but I am so glad I did.
    xox N.

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