BMI – Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming World

If you followed my wedding weight loss journey you will have seen my documented progress with Slimming World since October. Nine months on I am so much healthier, happier in myself and eating more/better than I ever have. Last week I finally reached my healthy BMI interim goal with a total loss of 3 stones 4 lb.

Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming World

Reaching my healthy BMI

To loose 46 lb feels amazing and last years summer clothes literally are falling off me! I had always been someone who wanted fad diets and fast results but as you can see this has been a long and trying process that has paid off. Now I have reached my healthy BMI weight I need to start looking at a target weight. (I calculated my BMI on the NHS website.)

BMI - Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming World

The last few months have been a real struggle with the Slimming World diet. I have stayed the same weight for 6 weeks. This has been so frustrating as I have been reducing portion size, cutting out syns all together by the end and running a few 5k’s throughout the week. My exercise might have been a factor in the stationary weigh-ins but it has been hard to keep motivated!

Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming World

Then last week I dropped 1 more pound and reached my healthy BMI target. I know myself that I still have a bit of a way to go, I still want to loose a bit. The last few weeks have really shown me how hard it is going to be now to drop the last few pounds but it feels amazing to say I am a healthy weight.

Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming WorldI lost weight for me, to make myself feel better. I was a very unhappy person before but also very unhealthy. Loosing weight has massively helped improve my skin in terms or break outs. It has also made me feel more confident and actually like clothes shopping again. I am ashamed to say I was in the Obese BMI category when starting Slimming World and it feels amazing to be able to say I have a healthy BMI!!!

Now to choosing a target weight, anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Reaching a healthy BMI with Slimming World




  1. Fee
    2016/07/06 / 23:00

    Congratulations! That really is such an incredible thing to do and it must feel amazing :)
    I’m currently losing weight (2 stone down, 1.5-2st to go) and this is such a motivation for me because already I’m loving clothes shopping more and feeling healither.

    Fee x

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