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Bright Side Products


My dad recently bought me the ‘Real life Photoshop for my face’ make up bag, one of the really well made Bright Side products and I absolutely love it. I recently did a degree using digital media so he felt this was quite appropriate for me as I have so much make up and am always on Photoshop! I have been looking at the other Bright Side products have to offer and they are at a very reasonable price. I have liked this quirky brand for a while and am looking at what I can get next! All can be found on Amazon and make great funny and unique presents.


Real Life Photoshop For My Face Makeup Bag

Deep Cleansing Luxury Spa Stuff Wash Bag

Yep, Still Hot Hand Mirror

Money Talks* (*It’s Saying New Shoes) Purse

Because Your Lovely Gift Bag


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