Cancelled holiday? This will help! 

Having your holiday cancelled is the stuff of nightmares. You’ve been looking forward to your time off for months and now due to circumstances beyond your control, it’s been taken away from you. You’re probably angry, confused, upset, worried and if you were taking children along with you, then you have the difficult task of telling them that they’re no longer going away on a wonderful holiday – what a nightmare!

You might be wondering what your rights are – click here for a helpful infographic from Creditfix – where you stand with your insurance policies and how you’re going to arrange more time off work, so you can enjoy a holiday you’ve worked so hard for. What you need to consider at this point is how you’re going to get your money back, afterall the quicker you get it back the quicker you can book a new holiday and get away for some well deserved time off. 

If your holiday has been cancelled and you’re currently stuck abroad, then don’t panic. Here I’ve posted a helpful infographic which will present you with all your options, and hopefully give you the confidence and the advice you’ll need to get your money back successfully, check it out below.  

Cancelled holiday? This will help!  3


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