Cat Nail Designs

Cat Nail Designs

Here are a few simple, cute, cartoony cat nail designs that can be mixed up like I’ve done or the same one design could be applied across all five nails. Some of the designs are a little harder and need more drawing skills so I have also done some much easier design ideas that can be drawn by anyone and just use simple shapes. If you want to see any more of the nail art videos I’ve done you can find them here.

Cat Nail Designs

I love the base coat colour used, it is Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer Bronze Ambition and if you use one layer of polish looks amazing.It is a really subtle shimmery bronze that I love to wear, especially on my toe nails.

These cat nail designs can easily be done if you have a Barry M Nail Art Pen in black. I write about these pens a lot but I really like and rate them. I’m still on my first pen and I haven’t had to replace it, it is still going strong. They draw on the nail just like a pen and are great for nail art or doodle nail effects. It will wear off throughout the day though so remember to apply a good topcoat. The top coat that I used on my nails was the Maybelline Express Manicure Quick Dry Top Coat purely because it is quick drying and I hate having to wait for my polish to dry!

Products used in these cat nail designs –

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer Bronze Ambition

Barry M Nail Art Pen Black

Maybelline Express Manicure Quick Dry Top Coat

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  1. Astrid De Clercq
    2014/04/23 / 20:39

    So cute!

  2. Diana
    2014/04/23 / 21:27

    So cute and pretty :3

  3. Charli
    2014/04/23 / 21:35

    Those are so cute! Loooove them!


  4. 2014/04/24 / 00:52

    Those are so cute!!! I wished I was that talented. I really need to work on my nail polishing talent (non-talent)….LOL!

  5. Cathy
    2014/04/24 / 02:13

    I love kittys! Looking at nails like this throughout the day would make me so happy!

  6. Emma Farthing
    2014/04/24 / 09:02

    So cute!

  7. John Hartil
    2014/04/24 / 10:02

    Oh so cute

  8. 2014/04/24 / 10:13

    That´s such a good idea! The cat and mouse look so cute *.* Love it!


  9. Adjusting Beauty
    2014/04/24 / 14:57

    This is so cute!:))

  10. david peterson
    2014/04/24 / 22:17

    omg…..these are sooooo cute!!!! I love my kitty and I totally have to try this – I only wish I wasn’t so uncoordinated with my left hand…. :(

  11. AmyLou
    2014/04/27 / 06:57

    These are so cute! Must give them a go :)

  12. 2014/04/30 / 05:57

    These are absolutely adorable! I usually just use one color when I do my nails but your post makes me want to experiment with some simple drawings.

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