Company Style Blog Award Nomination

Company Style Blog Award

Company Style Blog Award Nomination

Hi everyone, I’m asking a bit of a favor for today’s first post. I had recently learnt that Company Magazine had started nominations for their 2014 Blogging Awards. I would love if you could take a few minutes out of your day to nominate my blog. It would be great to gain some recognition for the blog that I have devoted so much time to over the past 8 months. Just writing that has made me realize how fast it has gone and how much fun I have had posting on here since starting the blog. If by any chance you haven’t read my blog before, hello /wave where have you been! :)

I have been blogging since August last year so I would love if you could nominate me for a Company Style Blog Award in the “Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer.” category, Or any other categories that you think my blog might fit in to. Last years winners of the Company Magazine awards were bloggers such as milk bubble tea, trends with benefits and FashionRocksMySocks, So it would be really nice to be considered for such a good award.

Don’t panic due at the lack of a beauty post there will be a very cool nail art post up around 11.30 this morning as I’m really enjoying doing them at the moment. So make sure you check back later today just before lunch.  There will also be a wish list today before your commute home to thank you all for your nominations. Thank you all for being so supportive with my blog since starting, I don’t thank you enough for all your comments and suggestions.

Company Style Blog Award

Let me know in the comments below if you have nominated me for Company Style Blog Award & also spread the world on twitter. Hope you all have a fantastic day and thanks for all the support over the last 8 months.

Mary x


  1. Gabriela Martinez
    2014/04/16 / 07:36

    Already did hun :) xx

  2. Sarah Barker
    2014/04/17 / 21:31

    Nominated! Good luck!

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