Ebay Ring Bling wishlist

I absolutely love cute rings so here my Ebay ring bling wishlist! They are absolutely gorgeous and such fun designs. I am a bit fan of animal based products at the moment, especially woodland animals that are really in this season. My favourite are the felt Bambi deer and felt fox that are stunning for only £14! My other items are all a lot cheaper but equally as sweet.

Ive never tried knuckle rings like my number 7 on the list, have any of you guys tried them? What do you think of them? I think I might have to give them a go for 7 for less than a pound :)

Ebay ring bling

#1 Mouse wrap around ring – £1.97

#2 Love, Peace, Hope stacker rings – £5.94

#3 Felt Fox ring & Felt Bambi ring – £14

#4 Tea Cup and saucer ring –  £3.78

#5 Fox wrap around ring – 99p

#6 Animal Ears ring – 99p

#7 Knuckle rings 7pcs – 99p

#8 Black Cat ring – £3.49

#9 Cat wrap around ring – £3.58