Ebay Skater Dress Wishlist

Here is my Ebay Skater Dress Wishlist, skater dresses have been my go to style for a while now. They are incredibly flattering on curvy figures and are great for hiding your tummy! I love them in winter as you can layer up with chunky tights, boots and oversized cardigans to stay warm.

Ebay Skater Dress Wishlist

#1 Uttam Boutique Black Bird Print Dress – £16.98

#2 Uttam Boutique Navy floral Drape Tulip dress – £14.99

#3 Uttam Boutique  Orange Bird Print Tulip dress – £14.99

#4  Mela Loves London Bird Print skater dress – £14.98

#5 Yumi Car Print Dress – £9.99




    • 2013/11/21 / 21:16

      Thank you very much, I couldnt believe the prices! :D xx

  1. 2013/11/18 / 23:37

    Lovely wish list! Adore option number 5! xx


  2. 2013/11/19 / 01:11

    They’re lovely dresses, love the 2nd one the most. Have you had your colours done?

    • 2013/11/21 / 21:17

      It’s cute isn’t it :), do you mean my hair dye? xox

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