Desire clothing Ebay wishlist

Desire clothing is a fantastic Ebay womens clothing store and I absolutely love the clothing and shoes that they have to offer! Below are my favourite pieces, although there are plenty more you should look through on their store. I love the cat pumps, tartan dress and lace look necklace, which are your favourite Desire clothing pieces?

Desire clothing

#1 Black Gold Stud Bodycon Tube Midi Dress

#2 Teal Paisley Midi Bodycon Pencil Tube Dress

#3 Red Sleeveless Skater Party Dress 

#4 Black Gold Zip Military Biker Jacket

#5 Black White Drop earring

#6 Gold lace look necklace

#7 Multi Buckle Ankle Boots

#8 Cream Suede Cat Design Flat Pumps



    • 2013/11/04 / 10:35

      hehe its the popular one!I love the green and the vintage style print :D x

  1. 2013/11/04 / 14:39

    Love the jacket #4. Unfortunately I’m not so into faux leather because it can smell artificial and is not so resistant but I would die for it if it would be of real leather. nice choice though ;)

  2. Michelle
    2013/11/05 / 23:30

    You have great taste! I especially love the dresses, jacket and necklace. I will check out their store one of these days. Thanks for following me on bloglovin, I followed you back…


    Check out My first post, “1 piece styled many ways”

  3. 2013/11/06 / 11:17

    Aw thanks! :D Do its ace hehe. Defos will xoxo

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