Effortless Ways to be Classy and Elegant in the summer

The summer is a time that is often anticipated and dreaded in equal measure. It means it’s finally time for some sunshine and that means a change of pace when it comes to our wardrobe choices. If you feel like you’ve forgotten how to dress for the summer, you’re probably not the only one! These tips will help to keep you classy and elegant this summer.

Effortless Ways to be Classy and Elegant in the summer 1

Be Comfortable

It’s the summer, it’s hot, no one should be trying to squeeze into anything. Fashion and comfort can be synonymous, especially in the summer. Opt for more free flowing materials and styles. Maxi dresses, full length kimono jackets or floral-patterned skirts are classy, elegant and effortlessly chic all at the same time.

Know Your Style

Throwing simple, elegant outfits together is so much easier if every piece in your wardrobe screams you. Knowing what you like and what suits you is the cornerstone of class. One person’s style of heaven can be someone else’s style hell and the truth is, if you’re not comfortable, class and style go straight out of the window.

Choose The Right Colours

The summer months are a fantastic opportunity to diversify the colour palette of your wardrobe a little. When it comes to putting things together elegantly, think less colours of the rainbow and more one colour spectrum…for example, a blue top and skirt work great. Try a different shade of blue and keep patterns to one item only.

Take Care Of Your Hair

Your hair is just as important as your outfit when it comes to classy elegance in the summer. Heat waves are blissful, but not if your hair becomes a bedraggled mess before noon. Stick to up does and any hairdo that needs bobby pins is great, as you can always take a few extra or take a few out depending on the activity.

Keep It Minimal

You don’t need layers, boots, or hordes of jewellery to look classy and elegant in the summer. You don’t even need to choose bright colours or crazy patterns. Go with a neutral elegant wrap dresses, flat shoes or flip flops and yourself, and class and elegance will follow you wherever you go.

Don’t Show Too Much Flesh

While the summer months are a great time to get those pasty pins out, remember that classy elegance dictates you leave something to the imagination. If you’re going all legs then keep it a more modest up top, and the same vice versa. The exception is obviously beach days when you can let most of it hang out. But with such an amazing choice of to-die-for beach dresses, sarongs, and cover-ups around this year you may not want to miss out…

Don’t Melt Away

Try and keep your make-up light in the summer months to avoid any melting incidents. Heavy foundation and eyeshadow don’t mix so well with the heat. Try a lighter tinted foundation or a powder and keep eyeshadow shades neutral and light. Once the sun goes down, you can step up the glamour with darker shades, lipstick or fake lashes and liner.

If In Doubt…

Just be yourself! Wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and cool. Class and elegance are all about mindset. Think it, be it, live it. Think Audrey Hepburn in pretty much any of her movies, and you know you are headed in the right direction. 


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