Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding


Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding 7

Equestrianism is an expensive sport and while there are many different equestrian requirements, there are a few must-have items for anyone who loves horse riding. Here is a list of 7 essential items that every rider needs before saddling up your horse.


A good pair of riding boots is a must-have for every rider. Proper fitting, comfortable to wear and sturdy, make sure to check this list. Almost all rider boots have a high leather shaft which protects your lower leg and ankle from any irritation. The most important aspect is it will support your heel as the details ensures you can slot your boot into the stirrup, holding it firmly in the correct riding position. Find your perfect pair among Field boots (great for British eventing) or Paddock boots (great for light training, riding lessons and barn work) from the best equestrian shop today!

Riding Hat (Safety Helmet)

Well, even the most accomplished riders could potentially fall. Horse riding as passionate and freedom driven is risky and equestrianism related injuries, especially on the head is quite common, it is important to be adequately equipped with head protection. It is advisable to measure the circumference of your head above your eyebrow if you are buying the riding hat for the first time. In case, you are still not confident about the measurement seek advice. Equestrian shops online have high-quality safety gears available.Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding 8

Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding 9
Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding 10

Riding Pants

Most people will not consider this as a necessity, however, it is essential to have comfortable riding experience. Riding pants go by different names, including breeches, jodhpurs, riding jeans, etc. Riding pants for any discipline will keep you comfortable and secure in the saddle. If you are a beginner, you need not worry so much about the type; however, make sure you buy good quality riding pants for a seamless riding escapade. If you are not willing to spend a bomb, yet want a comfortable piece of riding pants, you have ample options available for a cheap buy on equestrian shops online.

Riding Vest

A safety vest can go a long way for riders, especially the ones who are just beginning. Hitting the ground is inevitable, especially when you are learning. Wearing a vest that can absorb some shock while hitting the ground will make your life so much easier and prevent dangerous injuries.Equestrian Essentials: 7 Things You Need for Riding 11

Horse Rug

A good quality horse rug is an extremely useful addition to your equestrian kit. A rug will not only keep your horse warm but also keep it dry and clean whether they are in the paddock, out in the field or in the stable. There are ample options available on online equestrian shops in the UK, do your research thoroughly before buying a rug as they come in a variety of weights, materials, etc.

Saddle pads are essential accessories for horses, as they offer various benefits that contribute to the overall well-being and comfort of the horse. They act as a cushion, absorbing shocks and ensuring the horse’s back is protected from the uneven surfaces encountered on trails. Additionally, horse saddle pads for trail riding distribute the pressure exerted by the rider and saddle, preventing discomfort and potential injuries during extended rides.

Saddle Covers

Saddles are designed as per the requirement of different disciplines. It is important that you buy the one that serves your purpose and also the requirements of your discipline. However, there is something you want to consider buying for the saddle to last long-Saddle Covers. Saddle covers will protect it from extreme weather conditions and also keep it dry and lean. You can now do all your equestrian shopping online!

First Aid Kit

Well, as non-equestrian it might sound, it is the most important thing to keep handy at all times. Whether you are an accomplished rider or an amateur, a fall is imminent and you should be prepared for it with all the necessary safety aids.

Final Thoughts

Equestrianism is expensive, yes, however, it makes you feel free. Just the way how you can feel the strong muscles of your pet friend while riding it. Being an equestrian does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it, you can find all the essential things online—from your riding boots to saddle covers, online equestrian shops have you covered.


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