ETHICAL EDIT: Wine / Wax 3

A few weeks back, I received a really exciting email from Magali, who reached out to me about trying and sharing a few items from her brand Wine / Wax. I love supporting smaller, independent female-run businesses, especially those with sustainable practices!

Magali is the hands behind Wax / Wine, a brand that, since August 2020, has repurposed approximately 1600 bottles! Not bad for a one-woman band, hey!?

After spending the last decade working in hospitality, Magali became concerned about the environmental issues around the waste created in the food and beverage sector. And thus, Wax / Wine was born, contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste. All the products are repurposed; Magali uses wine bottles from bars and restaurants in East London to create lamps, candle holders and jars. I love how she constructs high-quality, sustainable, beautiful products from excess materials.

How inspiring to collect and repurpose natural wine bottles, seen as waste, and turn them into something new and stunning? She then uses nothing but natural ingredients in making scented candles with essential oils, the best quality plant-based wax, and crackling wooden wicks. So her products are not only eco-friendly and sustainable but also toxin-free! I love that her business believes strongly in working with nature and not against it.

Each bottle is cleaned, cut and sanded by hand, which means that no two products are the same, all made in their London studio. My candle is wonderful with its crackling wooden wick for a warm summer evening meal outside. The candle uses coconut and rapeseed wax, and the Cedarwood and Geranium scent is fragrant and delightful. If you want to gift this, you can also personalise your candle with a handwritten engraved message. And of course, every last detail is considered – They ship your order in recyclable, reused and biodegradable packaging.

The Wax / Wine product range includes glasses, lamps, candles, home décor, and more. The idea to minimise carbon footprint and reduce waste by repurposing glass bottles into amazing lifestyle products is their passion and our mission, check out the full collection here.


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