FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How did you choose your blog name? Can you help me pick mine?
It took a while to choose our blog name. Originally it was picked so that our url was strikeapo.se but that was a little confusing. It then changed to letsstrikeapose.co.uk so that people know we aren’t swedish bloggers! We can’t really help you pick your own name, just pick something that you won’t mind in a few years or on a theme that won’t go out of fashion. Try and pick something unique so it won’t get muddled with any other similar bloggers.

Do you have a Twitter?
Yes, @letsstrikeapose

Where do you shop?
Our most regular shopping hauls are from – Primark, New Look, Ark, ASOS, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop… etc!

What do you do make your Wishlist posts in?
We currently use Photoshop to edit our wishlists in.

Can I use your post photographs/ideas?
Yes but please credit our blog and link back

What camera do you use?
We use a Canon 60D.


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