Figgahugga Product Review

Figgahugga Product Review

A Figgahugga is a bright, young, fun under dress and the lovely people at Figgahugga sent us some to try and review.  We were sent both a medium and a large, I am wearing the medium. As you can see from our photos they make you look instantly slimmer and really hold in and firm self-conscious areas. It has double layer of lycra and is seriously strong so it holding your lumps and bumps in as well as making your dress hang better and smoothly.

I’ve had under dresses in the past but never found them this effective at holding in my tummy. The Figgahgga is an extremely hard piece to get into and is so firm it causes a bit of tummy ache after wearing it for hours so I’d recommend it for special events, I’m going to wear mine for nights out, at my graduation and a wedding I’m going too as it makes my figure look so much better. They come in bright colours so it doesn’t matter if its visible although I do wish that there was one available in black and many of my friends want one but the large is too small for them so they must make an XL! :D

Overall this is a fantastic item and I absolutely love it, it is well worth a purchase if you ever feel self-conscious about your figure in an outfit.

The range of Figgahugga colours and sizes can be found on the Figgahugga website.



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