Become a Mystery Shopper – Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday – Become a Mystery Shopper

This is my first in a series of posts relating to money saving tips and tricks called Frugal Friday, mostly relating to beauty, fashion or shopping in some way. This first post is going into how to become a mystery shopper. I was really interested in trying to become a mystery shopper around a year ago after a friend told me she did it. It sounded like so much fun, choosing different assignments and getting some money just for reviewing how well a companies service was.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper

To become a mystery shopper I signed up with Market Force and have done many different assignments since over the last year. To sign up you have to complete an initial grammar and spelling test to show that you can complete the assignments and guarantee you aren’t a robot or spam. Once this is completed you are ready to  go, you can edit the location and types of assignments you would like to complete.

Assignments can be paid or a reimbursement for something bought on a mystery shopper assignment. On Market Force you can be mystery shopper for drinks, food, shops, hotels, gaming or telephone services. I have mostly been a mystery shopper for restaurants, drinks or food on the go services but have also been to quite a clothing stores too. The amount paid doesn’t always cover the entire amount you spend but it makes meals out far cheaper and has made me go and try a lot of new places to eat and drink. You can try to get a loan with no guarantor it can also pay for you to buy an item of your choice from a high street shop, very handy at the moment when everyone is being careful with their cash.

Become a Mystery Shopper

To become a mystery shopper you read assignment notes for the tasks you would like to complete and then apply. You choose the date of the task and it will become active. Once your task is completed you fill out a questionnaire about the assignment, log your expenses and wait to be paid from Market Force.

I love Market Force and have never had any issue in the time I’ve used them. It helps fund my shopping addictions and once I mentioned it to my boyfriend and sisters they all signed up, so I thought you would enjoy me sharing the knowledge! I don’t know about other mystery shopper companies, how they compare and their reputation but really recommend Market Force for helping save a few pennies when going out or going shopping.

Have you become a Mystery Shopper at Market Force?


  1. 2014/06/13 / 07:58

    This is brilliant! I just filled in the test (helped my brain to wake up before work!) and am looking forward to getting started!
    Chloe x

  2. Jemma
    2014/06/13 / 09:16

    I’ve just signed up, thanks for sharing


  3. The London Turtle
    2014/06/13 / 10:14

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip :)

  4. Eilidh D
    2014/06/13 / 14:45

    We get mystery shopped monthly at my work and I’ve always wanted to try being a mystery shopper just to see it all from the other perspective. I’m definitely going to be signing up, so thank you for sharing this!
    Eilidh xo

  5. 2014/06/14 / 03:39

    Thank you for this post! I haven’t heard of this Australia, but I’m going to Google it right noW!

  6. Grace Denny
    2014/06/14 / 13:42

    This sounds so good! Googling as we speak. haha. Thanks for this!

    XO, G from grace’d

  7. Beth
    2014/06/14 / 20:01

    Oooh, I was looking for a new way to earn some pennies… how exciting! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Shanna Madrazo
    2014/06/15 / 21:54

    this is a fun and exciting post! i used to work in retail management before having my child. This would be a fun way to find out how ‘the other side’ works and not to mention to earn a bit on the side!

  9. Nat
    2014/06/16 / 19:49

    After reading this post I’ve sent off my application to become a mystery shopper! I wanted to do this years and years ago after I finished university but I never got round to doing it. But hell yeah I’m excited to do it now! :D

  10. Emily
    2014/06/19 / 16:22

    Just to clarify – do you pick which assignments you would like or are they given to you? Can you decline particular places? ^_^ xx

    • 2014/06/20 / 00:12

      you pick the assignments and apply, you’d don’t have to take any you don’t want

      • Emily Hewitt
        2014/06/24 / 19:36

        Thanks for replying, I’m definitely considering joining :D

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