Gadget Show Live 2015

I recently was given the opportunity from Currys PC World to attend the Gadget Show Live last Wednesday. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I am a big gadget and tech fan so was pretty excited. I must admit I was looking forward seeing some new types of gadgets that I have never seen before. My fiancee also came as he is a huge nerd when it comes to the latest tech.


I have never watched the The Gadget Show on TV before. I got the feeling that if I was a fan of the show I might have understood the style of the live show a lot more as I found it quite patronising. Overall the show was pretty fun though with a recreation of the Back to the Future DeLorean, a game played by the audience through sound volume, a VJ and dancers using L E wire and LED outfits that light up and changed patterns in time to music. Then at the end of the event there was an amazing giveaway, you had the chance to win around £4,500 worth goods from LED light bulbs, smartwatchs to the latest range of 4k TV’s (very jealous).


After the show we had a wander around the NEC, there were a fair few boring stands like virgin media but there were also some really unique and interesting gadgets. I had a section of my hair curled at a station called Donna Bella. The curlers only need to have the hair held against the wand for 3 minutes. They also lasted me the whole day and didn’t drop which is amazing for with my thick hair. This is definately a brand I am going to have to track down as their hair curlers were amazing. Not sure if they have pioneered new curlers or just re branding them so if any of you guys have heard of them please let me know as I would love to get a set to try myself. Other stands that really caught my eye included companies like Western Digital, Cherry, Philphs Hue, Tesla and many more. It seemed like most of the stands had on offer a massive range of flying drones (about 30% of all the stalls was drones). You could really tell it’s the current gimmick at the moment and I’m not sure why but I think I need one.

Did anyone else go to the NEC this year? and if so what was your favorite stand?


  1. GoFashiondeals
    2015/04/10 / 12:13

    Very cool!

  2. Mel Wills
    2015/04/13 / 19:04

    I went on another day and didn’t see the live bit of the show, only the stands. Did you see the nail stamps you could buy? Had a good wander and ended up coming home with some Instalenses that were pretty cool. Glad you enjoyed yourself, I wanted to get my hair done by the girls too but I hadnt even washed it that day and felt so bad ha!

    Mel ♥ everyword

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