Guest Post : How to choose the perfect Ladies Day Dress

One day, we will be forced to conclude that the much hyped Ladies Day at Liverpool is all about dressing. Although the main thing is racing, most racegoers will spend more money in choosing their best dresses, rather than on tickets and drinks. It’s not a bad idea, unless you don’t
know where to start if you also want to join the trend. Pictures of impeccably dressed ladies are all over the internet, and what amazes most is the smiles behind these beautiful ladies. Undoubtedly, the smiles come from the confidence that the dresses give these ladies. Below are smart tips on How to choose the perfect Ladies Day Dress:

Know the event

Nothing embarrasses like wearing the wrong dress for the occasion. You’ll have limited time to go back to the wardrobe for some replacement. This means that you’ll be forced to stay with your dress for the whole event, and of course, with little confidence to step on the red carpet for the camera flicks.
Here is the thing. Spare some minutes, type in your event and search for the perfect dress for the event. Browse some pictures and have a rough idea of how people dress in that event. If it’s a party dress, you’ll know where to start in choosing the best party dress for you.
Also, it’s important to know if there are any dress codes for the event. While most of the Ladies Day events may not be strict in this, some of them may demand a certain way of dressing. Observe that to avoid superfluous embarrassment.


Know your body

Just because your friend looks incredible in an Ashton dress, it doesn’t mean it will work for you, unless you have a similar body structure. You have certainly tried out different dress styles and seen how they work best with your body. A Ladies Day is not a day to try out a new dress style, regardless of how much you like taking risks. Work with what you already know, and in this case, your best dress style. You can then match the style with the best dress design available in your favourite boutique.


How much confidence does the dress give you?

People have different personalities. Some ladies may have no problem with much exposure of the cleavage and the flesh. Others may want to seal as much as possible. If no rules have been set on this, go for what you’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t mean that exposing your flesh makes you look more awesome. Different dress designs give different exposures. For instance, the Ashton Dress or a Sadie Maxi Dress are ideal for those who are not comfortable with short dresses.


Uniqueness will make you stand out

You can imagine the large crowd of ladies trying to get attention from everyone. No one will be concerned if you have the same dress design people are used to seeing you with, or probably they’ve seen someone else with. Designers each day are coming up with new dress styles, or twisting the old ones to beautiful unique designs. After knowing what suits your body well, go for that dress you know people will stop for a second and give a look.

If you don’t know what’s unique and what’s not, Forever Unique should be your next destination. For years, Forever Unique has never disappointed our esteemed customers from all over the world. We never copy trends, and our styles are as far from generic as possible. Our designer dresses are worth to make you stand out at the Ladies Day 2015.



  1. Florentina Scusi
    2015/04/14 / 14:53

    Great post!

  2. Harvey Nichols
    2015/04/14 / 20:46

    You have some valid points that can easily be transposed to any special event, confidence is the key to any successful ensemble

  3. 2015/04/15 / 01:01

    Oh wow! All these dresses are gorgeous =]

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