Guest Post: Laser Treatment for Scars and Unique Skin Problems

**This post is a guest post from Sarah Williams **

Cutting-edge treatment for unique skin problems for black people

Many black people today suffer from more skin and facial conditions than ever before. This increase is attributed to modern air pollution from industries, car exhaust fumes and accidents. Similarly, lifestyles such as ingestion of certain chemicals and smoking have contributed to the problem. Luckily, there are modern solutions to these problems.

One of the most effective remedy to undesirable facial conditions today is the laser treatment technology. It comes as good news for people from all walks of life and races. Similarly, it is safe and equally effective for all skin types.

It is a remedy for innumerable skin conditions and cosmetic issues such as sun damage, thread veins, stretch marks, scarring, birthmarks, pigmentation and acne. Additionally, experts have used it successfully for tattoo removal and hair removal.

Laser treatment for scars and pigmentation

Scars and pigmentation are among the most common skin disorders affecting black people. Pigmentation is the condition that arises after skin cells are damaged or are unhealthy. It is characterised by uneven build up of melanin around the injured spots resulting in dark-coloured patches. In severe cases, the spots are referred to as hyper-pigmentation.

Due to the undesirable look of the hyper-pigmented patches, people with these problems are usually distressed and lack self-esteem. Not only do they suffer depression, but they may also experience other emotional and psychological ailments. Other culprits are certain medications, pregnancy, birth control pills and hormonal imbalance.

Pigmentation of the external skin can occur in different parts of the body. This is because numerous ailments and conditions cause it- cuts, scratches, acne, mosquito bites, and the use of unfriendly cosmetic products. It can also occur on the knees and elbows of a crawling toddler.

Fortunately, a laser ultrasonic treatment helps sufferers to regain their lost sheen along with the self-confidence. Firstly, dermatologists examine the skin of the sufferers and explain the process to them. If one is comfortable with the procedure, experts prepare the skin with a unique solution that promotes exfoliation.


The procedure

Dermatologists then remove the visible layer of affected skin from the epidermis using laser-based technology. Patients may feel a sharp sensation during the process. Next, the experts apply the Laser Ultrasonic therapy on the newly exposed skin. This enhances the metabolism of the new skin cells while collagen grows.

As a patient recovers from the procedure, doctors recommend the application of a special Derma White skincare formula. The result is a steady yet noticeably even skin tone. Patients need to undergo repeated laser procedures for effectiveness. The number of treatments ranges from six to 12 depending on the degree of scars and pigmentation.

Laser treatment for stretch marks

Stretch marks are undesirable marks that appear on body parts such as breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. They develop when the skin is stretched, for example, when a baby grows in the womb. As they are undesirable, they cause low self-esteem, effectively lowering the quality of life. Sufferers cannot wear certain clothes such as shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Fortunately, the laser treatment is effective for stretch marks just as it is for pigmentation. The age of the stretch marks does not matter. In fact, dark, red and silver-white marks are cleared evenly. The biggest advantage is that the results are permanent.

Patients should approach approved laser treatment providers such as The Laser Treatment Clinic in the United Kingdom. The procedure itself will depend on the extent of the problem for individuals. In this regard, the number of treatments and recovery time varies person to another.



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    I would totally do this for my stretch marks, I’ve dealing with them for a long time and they’re not fading.
    50 shades of liz

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