A guide to dressing up on a budget

It may seem an impossible idea to manage to dress up for a night out on a budget. With payday weeks away you may need to get a little more creative with your styling. It is a great feeling to find a bargain or have a compliment on an item that looks more expensive than it’s price tag. Whether it is a few drinks with the girls, a party or a night on the town there are plenty of ways to dress up on a budget. 

First off, make sure you are wearing proper underwear and a slip. Don’t just focus on your outer wardrobe and forget about the underneath. Inexpensive clothing usually isn’t lined, and a slip will make all the difference. This addition will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Well-fitting underwear and a slip help whatever outfit you choose fit and flow more elegantly!

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Don’t hide away from local charity shops. You can find so many beautiful outfits and items there at a fraction of the cost. The stock is unique so you can stay original. You will be far less likely to bump into someone wearing the same dress as you.  It may take you a little time, but charity shops are full of nearly new items. You can also find some fun belts, hats, bags, shoes and jewellery there too!

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Whatever items you do choose, make sure that they fit you properly. Whether cheap or expensive an item will never look good if it doesn’t fit. Know what works for your body shape and which assets to show off to make you feel fantastic. Don’t forget to have your clothes well ironed or steamed; wrinkled clothes are a quick way to look inexpensive.

If in doubt, wear something simple, probably in black and remember to accessorise. Adding exciting accessories can set off any outfit and make an old item from the back of your wardrobe pop and look on trend. A different belt, a startling necklace and a sparkling clutch bag are easy ways to tie an outfit together. Add a few killer pieces that will get compliments all night long.

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Keep your wardrobe interesting by adding colour, texture, shape, and the essential bling! Inexpensive jewellery and trendy shoes are easier to come by than clothing. Look online with retailers like Uppersole for funky footwear that can jazz up an otherwise low-key outfit.

You do not have to be a seamstress to upcycle and reinvent your clothing.It could be something as simple as replacing boring buttons with new pretty ones or adding pom poms to a plain top.

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For dressing up on a budget don’t forget about your hair and makeup. This can be done at no cost but is a big focus of your look. A bold lip colour coupled with a smile is an easy way to look a million dollars. Your hair and makeup don’t have to be expensive. Spend less money on your makeup and hair and more time on mastering your application so that it enhances your natural beauty. Most importantly when dressing up on a budget it to remember to wear your smile. Walking confidently and having a positive attitude are more of a makeover than an expensive dress!

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