How parquet flooring is making a comeback

Do you remember that zig zag wood flooring you used to see in your Grandparents house? Yeah, that’s parquet flooring! So, the question is, why on earth is it making a comeback?

In this era of vintage revival, Downton Abbey dominating our screens and traditionalists on the march, it’s no surprise that parquet flooring is back and making a serious play for the title of top flooring. So the first question I imagine is on your mind, what on earth is parquet flooring?!

Parquet flooring is one of the most recognisable flooring types out there because of its unique patterned tiles and geometric shapes. The range is incredibly broad, and there’s bound to be something for everyone!

flooringTrade Choice Easy Click Loc Parquet Engineered Grey Oak

The next question is, why is it back on the rise? We live in an era where vinyl records are more popular than CD’s, so the fact parquet is coming back does not surprise me. People love vintage, and parquet is perfect to provide that vintage feel to your home. The modern day parquet flooring has been given a modern twist such as white brushed (as seen in the photo above). Parquet is extremely resilient, and will last for decades on end! So if you’re looking for a floor with a long term solution, this is the flooring for you!

The great thing about parquet flooring is you can pretty much mould into any design that you like. Parquet planks come in fixed lengths and sizes and are usually used in rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms, or large formal rooms. It’s best to install it when you know exactly what design you’d like, as it could look a little chaotic!

An example of our Burnbury Engineered Versaille tiles.

The installation process can be very time consuming and difficult, so patience will be needed! Once fitted though, they can look beautiful and if you’re trying to bring a vintage, old fashioned style, but with a modern twist, then parquet flooring is the one for you!




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