How to make money whilst travelling to fund your journey

Travelling the world should be an enriching and refreshing experience. However, your travels can quickly come to a halt when you run out of money and have to fly home. Travelling can get very expensive, especially if you are visiting numerous places within a few weeks. You need to slow down and enjoy each location your find yourself within. You can learn more about the local culture and save money.

How to make money whilst travelling to fund your journey 3

If you work as you travel, you can live abroad for much longer. There’s no need to save huge amounts of money before you leave, and you can live stress-free. Here are a few ways to make money while travelling abroad. 

Get a job

You could stay in one location for a few months and get a job in the area. You could work in a bar, shop or restaurant to earn some cash. You can save up until you have enough money to travel to the next location. Although, many travellers say working a nine till five job defeats the purpose of travelling altogether. You should have time to see the area and explore the local sites – instead of working all the time. 


Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years. You can travel the world with Instagram behind you. Set up a blog account and document your adventures around the world. Learn how to make high-quality content and engage with your audience. You can grow your following and start working on sponsorships with brands in no time at all. 

Social media management

You can manage different companies’ social media accounts and help them to grow their following. You don’t need to be an influencer or in the content itself. You can produce content from company images and graphics instead. You could work on a real-estate company’s Instagram or a restaurant’s Facebook page. Help the business to reach a wider customer base, and kickstart their online identity. 


If you have a skill that you’re particularly good at, you can start a freelance business. For example, you could start copywriting for a few agencies to earn money while travelling abroad. Or, you could become a freelance graphic designer, web-builder, videographer or even an online English teacher for Chinese students. Pick a skill and start building a name for yourself in the industry. You can increase your rates as you gain more experience over time. Perhaps you should contemplate tutoring. Tutor Hunt compiles a directory of all personal and private tutors in proximity to you, catering to primary, GCSE, A-Level, or adult learners.

Start making money as you travel so you can make the most out of your experience.


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