How to make your own passport photos at home

Hands up all the budding photographers. Now hands up all the selfie kings and queens. In order to be a budding paparazzo, all you need is a smartphone and a good eye for an opportunity. Taking photographs has never been so easy or so much fun. We can edit them, photoshop them to change how we look, add hilarious filters and share them with friends, family and strangers in an instant via a thousand different channels.

Photography is becoming more of a hobby, and there’s no need to limit it to silly selfies and shots of sunsets. Now, your photography can be for much more essential items such as formal identification including passports. To create the perfect passport photo, you can use the online passport photo tool to make your life easier and save money in the process. Just snap a pic and upload it. 

If you’re a regular international traveller or perhaps with dual nationality, you might even need a photo for a US passport. If so, there is a US passport photo editor available too to help ensure you meet all the requirements from size to format. A passport photo maker is one lifehack to make it all that bit easier!

Conducting regular international travel can necessitate a whole host of other administration that requires your attention. For example, there are more than 200 sizes and requirements for visas all over the world, and you will be denied access to your destination country if you do not have the correct one filled out. Fortunately, all the online tools make it much more straightforward to get your house in order before you depart and make the transition across borders seamless. Your visa photo is just as crucial as your passport photo, so getting it right the first time will stop a lot of stress and headaches.

The world is more accessible than ever before, with some even saying it is becoming smaller thanks to the reduced cost of air travel and frequency of services going to the places we want to visit. There is an environmental concern for air travel, but you can reduce your carbon footprint in many other ways to offset your impact and make you feel less guilty! The world is a stunning and diverse place, so it seems necessary to see as much of it as you can when you are fit and able to.

You may also be in a position of work that requires you to travel to a different location, whether it be to manage other locations or visit factories and have meetings. Delaying your visit due to some administrative failure such as neglecting to acquire your passport in a timely manner or not having acquired the right visa would be embarrassing. And not only that, but it could also result in you or your business losing precious time and money when you fail to arrive when you should. Don’t let that happen – use the tools available to process your documentation efficiently.


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