How to Plan a 60s Style Wedding

The 1960s were a time of great cultural change and exploration. From the British invasion to the summer of love, the decade was defined by new music, fashion, art, and ways of thinking. What better time to draw inspiration from than the swinging sixties when planning a wedding? Channelling the style and energy of this revolutionary era is a wonderful way to create a celebration that is meaningful, fun and full of personality. Whether you decorate with psychedelic prints, cater mod foods or create a rocking 60s playlist, planning a sixties-style wedding is sure to result in a far-out and memorable event.

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If you and your partner want to plan a wedding that captures the essence of the 1960s, from the flowers in your hair to the go-go boots on your feet, read on for some groovy tips and ideas. These suggestions will help you throw a happening celebration that guests will never forget. Get ready to embrace flower power, bold colours, and funky patterns as you plan the coolest retro bash around.

1. Choose a Retro Venue

Selecting the right venue is key to setting the aesthetic for your 60s bash. Consider holding your wedding at a unique, funky space like an art gallery, loft, or museum. You can also transform a hotel ballroom or outdoor site with 60s accents like paper lanterns, bean bag chairs, and decoupaged tables. For a more immersive vibe, see if you can find a well-preserved 60s home to host your nuptials.

2. Incorporate Pop Art Ideas

The 60s was the heyday of pop art, so bring some of that brightly coloured, bold style into your décor. Create fun, eye-catching centrepieces using 3D paper cutouts or arrangements of graphic flowers. Display bright prints in bold frames for a pop art gallery wall. You can even have guests sign a bright, swirling pop art illustration as your guestbook. You can find more pop art ideas by clicking the link.

3. Pick Psychedelic Prints

Fill your wedding with wild, swirling patterns and trippy optical illusions that reflect the visual culture of the time. Look for tablecloths or runners with paisleys and floral prints. Select invitations with far out images like peace signs, flowers, and geometric shapes. For a groovy backdrop, hang a tapestry with a bold pattern behind your sweetheart table.

4. Cater Mod Foods

Transport guests back to the 60s with popular snacks and appetisers like devilled eggs, fondue, and cheese balls. Pick main courses like beef wellington or chicken in an aspic jelly mould. End the meal on a sweet note with retro desserts like Baked Alaska, banana cream pie, or fruit salad served in hollowed out pineapples or oranges.

5. Create a Killer 60s Playlist

The music is key for getting people in the 60s spirit. Work with your DJ or band to create a setlist featuring top hits from the Beatles, the Supremes, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and other icons of the era. Consider kicking off the reception with a lively track like “Twist and Shout.”

6. Style Far-out Fashions

The 60s featured some of the most groundbreaking fashion in modern history. For brides, minidresses are a must. Whether you choose a short lace shift or a beaded babydoll, complete the look with white go-go boots, a floral crown, and statement earrings. Grooms can channel 007 in a slim suit, skinny tie, and Chelsea boots. And encourage guests to dress creatively, donning their best mod style threads.

7. Add Groovy Lighting

To set the mood, string up festive lighting using colourful bulbs or paper lanterns. Use gels and filters on spotlights to cast psychedelic patterns on the walls and dancefloor. For a totally cosmic effect, set up a DIY lava lamp photo booth for guests to pose in front of. Black lights and neon signs can also help give your wedding an authentically trippy atmosphere.

8. Incorporate Retro Fun

Finally, include novel elements that embody the youthful, playful spirit of the swinging 60s. You can set up giant versions of popular lawn games like Twister or cornhole. Hand out candy necklaces or stick-on earrings as quirky favours. Even photo booths with fun props are a modern way for guests to channel the decade’s vibrancy. With the right details, your wedding will be a far out time!

Planning a 1960s-themed wedding is a fun way to create a vibrant, retro celebration full of colour and personality. By choosing the right venue, décor, attire, cuisine, and entertainment, you can throw a happening bash that will transport guests back to the Age of Aquarius. So, channel your inner flower child, turn up the tunes, and get ready to throw the grooviest wedding this side of Woodstock!


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