How to use Curlformers (Plus Competition!)

Curlformers are an amazing way to curl your hair naturally and gently with no heat. They do look odd and take a little getting used to but when you have thick, heavy, uncurlable hair like mine, these little tubes of plastic do the trick where the best heat tools have failed.


I have shared my love of Curlformers many times and because they are so unusual and unlike anything else I am often asked how to use Curlformers.

How to use Curlformers

How to use Curlformers

Curlformers come with two long rods with hooks on the end. To start, push the rod through the length of the Curlformer, making the Curlformer straight. On damp hair, loop a small section of hair through the hook, keep the opening of the Curlformer near your head open and then simply pull the rod out. As the rod is pulled out, your hair is pulled through the length. Twist the Curlformer back into it is correct, spiral shape and leave your hair to be beautifully curled. You can alternate curl direction easily as the left and right are colour coordinated.

How to use Curlformers

For me, I have learnt how to sleep with Curlformers. At first, I could not sleep with them in so now start a little further down the length of my hair. They are not particularly uncomfortable, but I am a very light sleeper. My sister wore them in when she was my bridesmaid and had no issue sleeping in them at all.

How to use Curlformers

For best results I have my hair brushed and combed so well first. I also use hair oils so that my end result will be super sleek. When I put the Curlformers in I have my husband Jon get the rods ready with the next Curlformer, so it only takes around 20 minutes to do my full head and then once finished less than 5 minutes to remove. To remove, straighten the Curlformer, open the top, and pull the Curlformer off. Retwist your hair back into the perfect spiral. Usually, I sleep in mine but if it is for an evening out I can speed up the process with a hairdryer and one of these hair helmet tools!

How to use Curlformers

If you have liked the sound of these and wanted to try them for yourself, then you are in luck as I have been given the opportunity to give away one of the Curlformers Spiral Pro Styling Kits for super long hair. They come in a luxury, dark silver, satin vanity bag and are now different colours – 15 dark purple for clockwise curls and 15 dark purple with a gold strip for anti-clockwise curls. Good Luck!

How to use Curlformers

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The competition will run for a month so that one lucky winner will receive a late Christmas gift!


  1. 2016/12/07 / 08:52

    Ooh I’ve been seeing these curlformers everywhere but have held back from using them as I had no idea what the curls would look like afterwards. They seem pretty easy to use though, so thanks so much for the tutorial!

    Lizzie Bee //

  2. amy bondoc
    2016/12/07 / 17:40

    Wow these are amazing! your hair looks great by the way!

  3. Amez2012
    2016/12/08 / 04:18

    love these!

  4. Ellen Sheppard
    2016/12/10 / 22:01

    these look great, always looking for something new to try, my hair refuses to hold a curl using heat stylers, so would love to try these

  5. Alica
    2016/12/12 / 22:45

    These look fantastic! I have really hard to curl hair and would love to try them! I used to use rags years ago to try and get the same results x

  6. Gemma Massey
    2016/12/13 / 20:24

    These look brill would love to try thanks for the chance

  7. Heather Morrison
    2016/12/13 / 21:41

    Never used these but they look fab! Find it really difficult to curl my hair x

    2016/12/22 / 17:49

    I would love to try these, literally tried everything for curling on my hair

  9. Rachael Ashmore
    2016/12/27 / 00:25

    Wow these look amazing. Thank you for the chance ??

  10. Deborah Clarke
    2016/12/27 / 12:28

    Ooh these look great would love to try. Fingers crossed

  11. MrRichTea
    2016/12/28 / 17:02

    OoOH :)

  12. Solange
    2016/12/29 / 08:12

    I would love to try this.

  13. Fay Norris
    2017/01/01 / 20:23

    I’ve been wanting to try these

  14. Michelle O'neill
    2017/01/02 / 14:14

    looks great x

  15. suzannesendell
    2017/01/02 / 15:02

    These look great,haven’t heard of these ones before

  16. Susan Smith
    2017/01/02 / 17:13

    These look terrific, i have horrible straight hair, always trying to curl up, so these would be perfect

  17. Sharon stanley
    2017/01/03 / 16:51

    I am lucky enough to have naturally curly hair but a freind of mine is always moaning about hers being straight. I would love to win for her.

  18. clare xx
    2017/01/04 / 13:28

    i have been after these for ages!!! read so many good things about them – they look fab! ive tried all kinds and can never tame my frizzy mess – these look great tho!

  19. Jamie Edwards
    2017/01/07 / 00:59

    I have heard so many good things about these, my hair is a permanent state of curly frizz so I’d love a more defined curl!

  20. Jo Glasspool
    2017/01/09 / 17:23

    These look ace! I have really long hair and curling can be such a pain with tongs, these look so easy. P.S I put my name instead of my handle for Instagram its @amigotia and I follow. Thanks

  21. Margaret Gallagher
    2017/01/09 / 17:32

    Amazing for my long hair -looks fabulous

  22. PAH
    2017/01/10 / 11:14

    My other half loves these so got me to sign up for the comp thank you !!

  23. Jemma Louise Dwyer
    2017/01/10 / 17:03

    love to try these on my long hair :D x

  24. Paula Cheadle
    2017/01/11 / 00:57

    would love to try these

  25. Gillian McClelland
    2017/01/11 / 17:40

    These look great

  26. Maria Knight
    2017/01/11 / 21:32

    These look fantastic!!! Perfect for curling my long locks! The look like they’d be ok to sleep in too!

  27. SylviaP70
    2017/01/11 / 21:53

    My daughter would love these! Her hair is very fine and very straight and she finds it difficult to get curls to last.

  28. Laura Harrison
    2017/01/12 / 00:27

    Very nice giveaway. Thank you for the chance xx

  29. Holly Harmsworth
    2017/01/12 / 03:47

    great giveaway! would love to use these on mine and my daughters hair

  30. Carly Belsey
    2017/01/12 / 17:35

    I would love to try these, what a fab idea, thank you :-)

  31. Lisa Wilkinson
    2017/01/12 / 22:20

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to try these

  32. Jo Hutchinson
    2017/01/12 / 23:15

    Beautiful curls.

  33. Sarah Rowland
    2017/01/12 / 23:21

    wow these look amazing

  34. Rachel Craig
    2017/01/13 / 01:53

    I’d like to try these with my long hair.

  35. Jayne Townson
    2017/01/13 / 12:01

    These look great, thanks for this.

  36. Sarah H
    2017/01/13 / 13:24

    My daughter would love these! :D

  37. kim neville
    2017/01/13 / 14:16

    Lovely natural curls

  38. Lynsey Buchanan
    2017/01/13 / 14:26

    Fantastic Giveaway

  39. sharon martin
    2017/01/13 / 14:39

    fabulous giveaway

  40. Catherine Joyce
    2017/01/13 / 15:38

    These look great

  41. C h a n t e l
    2017/01/13 / 17:45

    Great to see that these work on long hair! Curls just drop out too quickly when I use a heated styler too.

  42. Hayley Todd
    2017/01/13 / 19:13

    These look amazing! My daughter has fabulously long hair and she would love her hair to look like this!

  43. Kat Glynn
    2017/01/13 / 22:28

    I have quite long hair and normal curlers are a pain, these look good! x

  44. missingsleep
    2017/01/13 / 23:38

    Such pretty curls, look great :) x

  45. Natalie Crossan
    2017/01/13 / 23:44

    I’d absolutely love to win for my best mate :) xxxx

  46. Tammy Neal
    2017/01/14 / 00:08

    Would love these better then having straight hair all the while x

  47. Ruth Wollerton
    2017/01/14 / 00:33

    This would be HAIRTASTIC, to control my manic hair xxx

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