Jolly Bunny Kickstarter Campaign

Jolly Bunny Kickstarter CampaignI am so excited to be involved with the new Jolly Bunny slipper Kickstarter campaign. Ever heard of Kickstarter? No? Well…

Kickstarter is a new way to fund for creative projects. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, raising funds for independent projects. Project creators set a funding goal and deadline and if people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen (and often receive a gift in return). If funding goals are not reached no money is received! It’s a great place to look for new products and interesting ideas that you may want to be involved with.

The Jolly Bunny slipper that you can see below look absolutely gorgeous, I cannot wait for mine to arrive (I picked red ones), I’m sure I’ll post some pictures of them really soon! The Bunny slippers are described as funny, cozy and unbelievably warm!  They are lightweight and warm, made from fleece and were introduced in Ukraine in 2013. Their range of colours on their cute design aims to combine fashion and comfort in their slippers. The raised funds on Kickstarter will directly support the product development and manufacturing and will be used to pay for the materials, new equipment and shipping costs to customers.

Jolly Bunny Kickstarter CampaignThere are different pledging packs of gifts you get for your donation and one that looks fantastic is if you pledge $25 or more you will receive a pair of Bunny Slippers by Jolly Bunny in your colour choice! These Jolly Bunny slippers look like such good gift ideas (I’ve never seen any slippers like them) and will be great for people like me who HATE cold feet! Check out how their campaign is getting on here – Jolly Bunny Kickstarter



  1. Miss Louise
    2013/11/12 / 22:06

    Adorable :) This sounds like a perfect Christmas present… for myself!
    My feet are ALWAYS freezing!

    • 2013/11/12 / 22:56

      Hehe I know right! Can’t wait for them :D Will defos keep my feet toasty :) xoxo

    • 2013/11/13 / 23:49

      hehe I love them, will post pics when they arrive :D xoxo

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