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A while ago I wrote about the Jolly Bunny Kickstarter Campaign, here’s my post. They arrived earlier this week and I absolutely love them! They are so well made, thick and cosy and have a double layer of fleece fabric. Everyone has been asking me where I got them from so help the campaign to nab yourselves a pair! Not only are the Jolly Bunny’s cozy and so unbelievably warm and soft but they are such a fun design :) The raised funds from the Jolly Bunny Kickstarter Campaign will go directly support the product development and manufacturing and will be used to pay for the materials, new equipment and shipping costs to customers. Jolly Bunny Kickstarter With Kickstarter you can pledge any amount but there are pledging packs where you will receive a  gift based on your donation. One pledge pack that looks fantastic is if you give $25 or more you will receive a pair of Bunny Slippers by Jolly Bunny in your colour choice! Check out how their campaign is getting on here – Jolly Bunny Kickstarter



  1. Melissa Meussen
    2013/11/30 / 18:21

    They look lovely!

  2. 2013/12/01 / 18:10

    They are so cute!!

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