Lush The Modfather Bubble Bar

A few days ago I shared the Lush Superdad Bath Bomb and my own demo video of it. As I mentioned in my round up of everything Fathers Day at Lush there is another new bath item newly released for Fathers Day 2016, the Lush The Modfather Bubble Bar.

Modfather Bubble Bar

I hope you enjoy my little demo video of the Lush The Modfather Bubble Bar, let me know your thoughts if you have tried it and be sure to like/subscribe!

The Modfather bubble bar has obviously been designed to look like the mod symbol, the Royal Air Force roundel. A simple design and well fitting if your Dad was once a ‘mod’. (Mine was not but he does love a good bath!)

Modfather Bubble Bar

For a bubble bar The Modfather is actually quite small, it could be used in two baths but I live dangerously and used the entire thing in one. Whilst that does make it a more expensive bath the bubble bar is compact and does still  have a powerful scent of Brazilian Orange Oil despite it’s size. The scent is up my street, simple, uplifting, sweet, fruity and zesty.

Modfather Bubble Bar

Bubble bars are usually quite easy to crumble but only the red and white dissolved easily. Breaking up the blue layer was quite hard and it had to be run under hot water to soften up. Like all Lush bubble bars it did produce a huge amount of bubbles quickly and with no hassle and gave beautiful blue water at the end, a similar shade to the Superdad Bath Bomb.

Modfather Bubble Bar

The Modfather bubble bar is a Vegan Lush product and is priced at £3.65 – a little on the steep side in my opinion for basically a one bath bubble bar.

What are your thoughts on the new Lush Fathers Day collection?


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