A Lush Christmas – Lush Shoot for the stars bath bomb product review

I LOVE lush products! Every time I go into their shop I feel happier when I come out and feel like I smell amazing. One of my favourite products of theirs is their snow fairy shower gel which is sadly only available at Christmas and can only be described as what pink would smell like. Although I’m not normally a very pink person, I still love this. I tried out Lush’s Shoot for the stars bath bomb recently and it looked and smelt incredible! It frothed up really easily and made the water go a really delicious deep purple. It had little moisturizing stars in it and lots of glitter (which of course made me even more excited) so when you looked at the bath it did look just like a night sky! The most fun product that Lush has, has got to be their Shower Jellies which you can use in the shower or the bath or as a hand soap (or as I always end up doing is just messing around wobbling it!) My favourite of these is the sweetie pie which smells just like jelly beans in my opinion, and would make a perfect present for anyone!

Here are my results! –

Lush Shoot for the stars bath bomb product reviewLush Shoot for the stars bath bomb product review Lush Shoot for the stars bath bomb product review



  1. Lauren B
    2013/12/10 / 01:04

    I love the colours that it makes in the water- it’s like a big galaxy, starry explosion! I love lush but I haven’t tried this particular bath bomb yet, I may have to get down to lush soon..



    • 2013/12/12 / 10:54

      It was really beautiful, I love lush, its such a guilty pleasure haha! xoxo

  2. Miss. Louise
    2013/12/10 / 23:56

    love the effect of this bath bomb! I bought my mom a bunch of stuff from Lush for christmas when I was out of town because she loves the brand, but lives no where near a lush! This is one of the things I picked up and now I’m sure she’ll like it :)

    • 2013/12/12 / 10:55

      Hehe defos! Lush is fantastic for christmas presents, everything from there is so lovely! x

  3. misty snowy
    2013/12/13 / 13:54

    I am so tempted to buy this and I put lush stuff on my christmas list and I MAY NEED TO ADD THIS ONE:)

    • 2013/12/15 / 16:29

      hehe you should it looked awesome! Love anything LUSH atm :D xxx

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