Lush Valentines 2015 Favourites


I have featured quite a few of the Lush Valentines 2015 bath collection on my Youtube Channel and thought I would do a little round up of them all, which you should choose, which one is the best for you and the different perks of each bath item.

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

This bubble bar scent is lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine, rose absolute and ylang ylang. It is covered in gold glimmer lustre and snowflake lustre so it is really pretty and shimmery. It smells amazing, very fresh and not your usual valentine scent. This bubble bar needs crumbling into the bath to give you huge amounts of bubbles and turn your bath water bright red.

Heart Throb Bubble Bar

This bubble bar will again turn your bath a very bright red shade. This bubble bar can be used twice, two halves stuck together using organic shea butter, snowflake lustre, radiant gold lustre and gold glimmer lustre. This bubble bar gives a good amount of bubbles and makes your skin feel really soft from the shea butter. It has a very sweet scent, vanilla, frangipani and geranium, the same fragrance as African Paradise.

Love Locket Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is huge and can definitely be used for three baths. Crack the love locket in half to find a miniature heart bath bomb inside. This bath bomb is sold out online so you may be lucky and find one in store. It contains jasmine absolute, fair trade vanilla absolute, red edible hearts and pink heart confetti. The bath bomb fizzes quickly and leaves a lovely scented, pink bath full of little hearts.

Floating Flower Bath Bomb

The Floating Flower was my favourite Lush valentines product. It sits on the top of the water and floats around the bath giving off lots of colours. It takes about 20 minutes to dissolve and is fragrances with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and cypress oil. It is very pungent but look no further if you are after a dramatic bath.

Which is your favourite Lush Valentines product this year?



  1. xclaireabella
    2015/02/10 / 12:26

    I’m so glad you photographed whats inside the Love locket back bomb! It looks fab :-)
    Great post – Love all the little vids too!

  2. Jenn
    2015/02/10 / 21:57

    I love the new Valentines range, I think the Love Locket is really clever and nice it can be separated to use more than once.



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