MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette

MAC is known for having some of the best bronzers, highlighters, and blushes on the market but until now you had to buy them all individually. Finally MAC have released a dedicated palette for these products, the MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette, which has been released for Spring 2016. For now, sadly, the chic 6 pan palette has only been released on the US site as an online exclusive so us UK residents will have to sit patiently and wait.

MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette 2

MAC describe their new Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette release as,

‘perfect for contouring, highlighting and bronzing to give you bone structure worthy of a supermodel. It’s a versatile, refillable, all-in-one palette featuring a Shaping Powder, Sculpting Powder and four Powder Blushes in Satin, Sheertone and Sheertone Shimmer textures.’

MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette 3

The value of the palette is $112 but is priced at $60 (Roughly £42) even though it is delivered as individual parts to be assembled. In the MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette there is one shaping powder, one sculpting powder and 4 different powder blushers in shades –

Shaping Powder Emphasize – Pearl off white
Sculpting Powder Sculpt – Matte taupe
Powder Blush Peaches – Sheer peach
Powder Blush Fleur Power – Satin, soft and bright coral pink
Powder Blush Trace Gold – Sheer, gold with shimmer
Powder Blush Sunbasque – Sheer, peach with pearl shimmer

MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette

The palette shades are quite light, warm and feminine but many not be suitable for darker skin tones. At half the price of buying the shades individually the MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette is a pretty good steal and of course the best thing with it being MAC is that it doesn’t matter if you favour one shade; if you hit the pan you can just pop in a new refill!

MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette 1



  1. Erin Russell
    2016/02/05 / 21:40

    Yeah I’m gonna need this one…. I am such a nightmare with MAC, they release something new and I automatically want it lol Love your blog, and this is such a beautiful product!

  2. 2016/02/05 / 23:16

    A lot of the shades look quite similar and I think you’re right about the sculpting shade only working for fairer skin tones, a shame really as it is such a good idea. Hopefully, this will be such a hit they will release one for darker skin colours too.

    Kiran |

  3. Melissa
    2016/02/07 / 20:52

    These look amazing! Might be an attempt to compete with the new Urban Decay blush palette which looks very similar… :)

    The Modern Audrey

  4. 2016/02/07 / 23:05

    Ah these look so, so pretty. There’s no way in hell I can afford one / can justify that price (unless my gambling addiction one day pays off…) but I just love stalking Mac’s new releases <3

    N xxx

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