Madam Glam Gel Nail Polish

madam glam

As you know I love doing my nails and other peoples and have recently got into doing gel nails. If you have never done gel nails before and want to give it a go then check out my video showing simple DIY Gel Nails at home. It is fairly simple to do and once you have the equipment you can save a lot of money over going to the salon.

madam glam

Madam Glam recently contacted me and sent me their gel polishes to try, one base coat, a colour polish and a top coat. I chose the shade baby blue from the Madam Glam website, although from the colour icons they use to show different shades make it fairly difficult to see what each colour is like on.

madam glam

As it was Christmas my Mum wanted me to give her some gel nails so I tried out the Madam Glam polishes on her. To apply them was no different or more difficult than other gel polishes that I use. My mum has really nice long finger nails compared to me, her only other gel nails have been in shade Bikini Bottoms using the Pro Gel Super Nails.  I asked her for some of her opinions on this gel polish compared with the last manicure I gave her.

madam glam

These nails were done on the 29th of December and the colour is still there and looking pretty neat, although there is more peeling on the areas near the cuticles than the Pro Gel Super Nails manicure. My Mum wasn’t as keen on the colour, the shade isn’t as pastel as I had thought so it does look more ‘plasticy’ and would look better either a little lighter or darker. My Mum was impressed with the Madam Glam polishes though. She chipped a nail slightly and cut the end of her nail to remove it. The polish still stayed neat and looked good even after cutting it.

Have you tried Madam Glam polishes before?

Are you a fan of gel nail polish?

Madam Glam Baby Blue






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  • Long Lasting
  • Can trim your nails and the polish stays looking good


  • Pricey for UK residents - £10.50 for one bottle with shipping
  • Peels around cuticles
  • Limited Colours