MEMEBOX – Colorbox #3 Blue


I love beauty boxes, they are a really fun and easy way to try out new products and add to your beauty collection whilst often spending less than the products are actually worth. I’ve tried out the Birchbox and Glossybox in the past but was recently sent a Korean beauty box I have never heard of before, the Memebox. They are a little different as they aren’t a subscription service, you can choose different boxes, and they have a vast range of themed boxes. The Memebox also comes with  4 – 8 full sized products, more than either the Birchbox or Glossybox.

The Memebox I received was the colorbox #3 blue. I don’t often choose blue, especially with makeup even though I have blue eyes so maybe I should more. In the box you receive 4 full sized products, Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer in #32 Twilight ($3), Professional Ruah Magic Lipstick in Blue ($30), Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner in 08 Aqua Deep Blue ($10) and L’OCEAN Eye Shadow in L-62 Dark Blue Pearl ($10).


Some of these items I really liked and others I was a little disappointed with, but it was interesting to try out the latest Korean cosmetics trends. The first item I was keen to try out was the magic lipstick, it’s a gimmicky item that has reappeared in the UK again such as the Barry M Lip Paint. This item I didn’t really like, the lipstick goes a very shocking colour of violet purple on my skin after a fair amount of time. Its more of a lip stain with a balm like texture rather than a lipstick. I found it fairly drying, uneven and you cannot build up layers of colour as for me it stayed more of a blue colour the more I applied. The lipstick stained my lips so badly, nothing could remove the colour for a few days!


I really enjoyed the Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner in 08 Aqua Deep Blue, its long lasting, soft with great staying power and a little shimmer. It was dark enough for me to apply as a lid eyeliner and I thought really enhanced my eyes. The only downside is that it doesn’t twist up like you’d expect so I think that you have to sharpen this plastic pencil. I also really liked the L’OCEAN Eye Shadow in L-62 Dark Blue Pearl, it applied with a light pastel blue with hints of grey so it isn’t an overwhelming amount of colour around the eye.


The last product in the Memebox was the Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer in #32 Twilight, a dark shimmer blue polish, like an untextured OPI Beachies. It has a strong colour so that you only need one coat of polish but isn’t the most chip resistant so you would definitely need a good top coat.


If you want to try out the Memebox before the end of July you can use these 3 coupon codes – 6FO13D266F, AFFILIATE-6876-RYTCV-JBQT and AFFILIATE-3039-Z1YD0-WIHK

Have you tried out Memebox before?


  1. Ujjaini
    2014/07/16 / 21:17

    Why is the blue not, blue?

  2. 2014/07/17 / 03:46

    Ahh memebox is one of my go-to boxes when I’m not in Korea. It’s really nice to see other people trying them out~

  3. 2014/07/17 / 08:36

    I’m really disappointed with how the lipstick turned out, that was the product I was most excited about from all of them! It’s still great that they give you full sized products though

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