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The Diamond Luxe collection from Models Own have recently become available to Superdrug since their launch on September 24th. There are 10 different shades available and are diamond dust infused. As it is a limited edition the packaging looks slightly different from the regular Models Own bottles with their gold caps. The Gold caps make them look quite glamorous and Christmas party ready. I received reds, plums and maroon shades but there are also pinks, coral. taupe, emerald and blue in the collection, all the shades looking vivid, vibrant and very bold.

models own

Nail polish doesn’t last very long on me compared to many people but I did find this collection to be a little prone to chipping, the Marquise Maroon looking ragged and half gone buy the end of the day. I recommend a good top coat with this polish as it is such a lovely effect for the winter season and it is such a shame it was so easily chipped for me. I was a bit disappointed with Models Own for that, for me they usually offer a consistently good and long lasting colour. The Oval Plum shade lasted much longer but was a little bit chipped after the first day so some shades are probably better than others on that front with this collection.

I love the shimmer effect the Diamond Luxe collection gives, it’s very deep and multi-dimensional. It gives an effect between shimmer and glitter but leaves a smooth even finish. I used 2 coats of polish on my samples and you may have seen me wearing Marquise Maroon in some of my recent videos on Youtube. The dark shades are easy to remove and didn’t stain my nails even though I was naughty and didn’t apply any base coat. This polish will definitely be coming in to use for Christmas parties over the next few months.

models own

Models Own Diamond Luxe Oval Plum*
Models Own Diamond Luxe Heart Red*
Models Own Diamond Luxe Marquise Maroon*

 What are your thoughts on the new Diamond Luxe Collection from Models Own?



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