Nail Art Accessories Wishlist

Nail Art Accessories

As you know I’m a big fan of my nail art and here are my 5 most wished for nail art accessories. Number one are these gorgeous peacock feather false nails. I really like the stick on nails at the moment, they are great for on the go or if you haven’t much time to do them. I love the shimmer they have on these nails!

Second is the Pink Sapphire Barry M Nail Polish. I have way too many Barry M nail polishes but this looks great, like a little girly party in a bottle!

Third on my list is the Nail Striping Tapes. I already have some of these but want a few more colours, this set has 30 different colours which could be used for some different designs.

Forth is the Nail Varnish Display Stand. I think that this is more for my boyfriends wishlist, my nail polishes have taken over a bit and are in desperate need of some proper storage. This storage holds around 30 polishes and is reasonably priced, I’ve hunted on Amazon and this was the best price I could find. These stands seem really popular at the moment, they are great for keeping your polishes neat and being able to see and find the colour you want.

Lastly are the original Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. In previous posts I mentioned that I had to pastel rio set and I am really impressed with the pens. They do accurate detail and the nibs don’t clog up. They are dual nibbed so you can unscrew the lid and use the brush for painting lines easily too. I really want the entire set of rio nail kits, they also have neon and metallic sets, but the original kit is top of the list!

Elegant Touch Design Nails with Adhesive Tabs Feather

Barry M Cosmetics Glitter Nail Paint Pink Sapphire 10 ml

Nail Striping Tapes

Nail Varnish Display Stand 

Rio Professional Nail Art Kit