Nail Designs – White and Neon Geometric

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Nail Designs – White and Neon Geometric

White, neutral and nude nails are fantastic this spring with added details and simple decoration. I love white nails with a splash of colour, often having all my nails white except for 2 with a colour on or having white nails with simple Nail Art Striping Tape detail. Here I am showing you a range of nail designs  that can be used alongside plain nails, repeated on every nail or mixed up with a range of colours for a random effect like I have chosen.

Using Striping TapeMasking Tape and Ring Hole Stickers allows people interested in nail designs but without a steady hand to have creative, neat nail art. I recommend not using the tae straight away as it can be too sticky and remove the bottom layer of polish. Instead cut the tape you want and play with it or stick it to your hand then pull it off then apply to the nail. It makes the tape less sticky and gives a better finish when removing the tape.

Apply your colour layer first, organise your tape how you like and then paint white over the top. Revlon Nail Art Neon Laser Beam has a blue and white polish combined. I love the white polish, its thick and even and used this as my white polish. Leave for a few seconds but remove the tape with tweezers whilst the white polish isn’t fully dry. Once dry apply a good top coat.

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Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Cocktail Passion

Revlon Nail Art Neon Laser Beam

Maybelline Color Show Urban Turquoise 


Pinking Zig Zag Scissors

Nail Art Striping Tape

Masking Tape

White Ring Hole Reinforcer Stickers 



  1. Kimberly Ann
    2014/03/18 / 17:46

    I love the look at this! I can barely paint my nails normally haha but I def need to try this out!


  2. 2014/03/18 / 19:46

    These are amazing. I am buying that zig zag scissors

  3. 2014/03/19 / 17:37

    Adorable! I don’t really think I will have the nerves to do them myself but will surely ask my best friend who is literally amazing in nail art! Ah! They are unbelievably quirky and that’s why I’m so lured to them!
    Thank you for the great suggestion Mary!

  4. Emma W
    2014/03/19 / 20:35

    This is so pretty I love all your designs and your tips are very helpful :)

  5. 2014/03/25 / 19:07

    Awesome nail art dear :)

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