Natural Collection Revisited

It has been a very long time since I looked at Natural Collection cosmetics. Once a staple brand in my teenage make up bag this ‘All Only £1.99‘ brand has in recent years been neglected. Does it live up to other, new, budget makeup brands?

natural collection

The items sent to me I must admit do not look too unfamiliar from items I picked up in high school over 10 years ago. The same simple white plastic, the lipstick and blushes look awfully familiar. Shades sent to me are the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry and Rose Bud. Their blushed cheeks individual pans are in shades Rosey glow and Peach Melba. A new item to me is the Natural Collection highlighter stick in shades Copper glow and Coral glow.

natural collection

Many budget brands have very strange scents that are unnatural and offputting so I am glad to say that all the Natural Collection items are fragrance-free. The lipsticks are as I remembered. A fantastic £1.99 purchase for a high pigmented moisturising lipstick that lasts a good few hours. They are bold, comfortable on the lips, not too glossy and come in a large range of pretty shades.

natural collection

natural collection

Natural collection blushers were some of my favourite in the past – probably because of the price tag! I discovered that they are still great, buildable and long lasting. I love both rosy and peach cheeks so the Rosey glow and Peach Melba were both great. A very affordable blush that looks so natural. Compared with high end blushers this stands up in all ways other than the packaging.

natural collection

The one and only product I didn’t like, rate or understand were the highlighter sticks. A creamy formula these were both heavily pigmented. Highlighting my cheekbone I either had a strong pink glow or a heavy brown glow – neither of which I would want! The shine is glitters sparkly rather than highlighting but the pigmented colour didn’t look good or work for highlighting.

natural collection

Are you a fan of Natural Collection? Which are your favourite items?


  1. Soph Cullen
    2017/02/19 / 15:02

    i remember the days of natural collection, i can’t say I’ve missed them too much but actually their products still seem pretty great! xo

  2. 2017/02/19 / 19:39

    I swear by the Natural Collection blushers and it’s funny because the two shades you have here are the two I use! I find they’re really pigmented, especially considering the price!
    Shannon x

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