New York Color Liquid Eyeliner Black Product Review

I recently picked up the New York Color Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I needed a new liquid eyeliner and had never tried anything by NYC before so thought I would give it a go. I can be a bit fussy about eyeliners, I don’t like the brush to be too long and often the liquid irritates my eyes making them water and then smudging my eyeliner everywhere.

I was really impressed with the New York Colour eyeliner, the brush is quite long but it isn’t flimsy so the strokes can be precise. The liquid didn’t have the stinging effect on my eyes that other liquid eyeliners do either. The eyeliner has lasted me all day with only a little fading so I think this will definitely become one of my go to products. You can get it from Amazon here. 

Have you tried NYC liquid eyeliner? What’s your go to liquid eyeliner?

New York Color Liquid Eyeliner Black Product Review   New York Color Liquid Eyeliner  New York Color Liquid Eyeliner Black Applying New York Color Liquid EyelinerNew York Color Liquid Eye Liner Black



  1. melaniface
    2014/01/29 / 22:33

    I haven’t worn eyeliner in so long!! This looks good :)

  2. Sian Marie
    2014/01/29 / 21:34

    That looks really good! A must try for me!



  3. BabyDoll Fashion
    2014/01/29 / 22:51

    oh my god i love it!!!!

  4. 2014/01/29 / 22:53

    I have NYC eyeshadow, but I haven’t tried their eyeliner. My go to is Revlon’s liquid liner, but I might give this one a shot since it’s inexpensive!

    • 2014/01/30 / 00:00

      I might try that next, stuck with the collection pen type liners for a while but though I might branch out :) x

  5. Miss. Louise
    2014/01/30 / 00:52

    Love the pictures! I’ve never tried it before! I should pick this up the next time I’m at the drugstore!

  6. Mariah
    2014/01/30 / 00:55

    I’ll have to pick this up at the drug store next time. They’re one of the cheapest brands, but I hear they have some really good stuff. Is the liner tip made with bristles or is it a felt tip? You said it was stiffer, but it looks like a bristle tip.

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:14

      Yes its a bristle tip but they aren’t as flimsy as others I’ve tried in the past, they hold their shape quite well so its easier to do the lid liner. Not as easy as the felt liners but I’m not great at applying eye-liner and managed great with this :)

  7. 2014/01/30 / 03:00

    I have never tried it but I don’t have good luck w/ liquid eyeliners, I like the felt tip marker type. I would be honored if you and any of your viewers would check out my new blog! Thanks in advance!

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:15

      Will do hun, felt liners are great but they don’t seem to last as long for me, which do you use? x

      • 2014/02/01 / 01:31

        The felt tip one I use is the Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash boosting eyeliner in Ultra Black. I also like gel eyeliners and the one I am using is the Essence gel eyeliner in midnight in Paris. Both can be found here at Ulta. Both last all day for me which ever one I use. I hope you enjoy my blog!

        • 2014/02/01 / 01:41

          I will have to check them out, not had much luck with the felt pens I’ve used so far :) I use gel eyeliner some of the time but that also takes a while for me! x

          • 2014/02/01 / 01:53

            Me too, Girl….LOL! but not as long for me as liquid, the liquid ends up all over my eyelashes and it just turns into a big mess….LOL! It is me not the product that is the problem I believe!

  8. 2014/01/30 / 03:26

    Ohh, I’ve been on the hunt for eyeliners. So far, I’ve had no luck on eyeliners that don’t smudge. This product looks great :)


    • 2014/02/01 / 01:17

      It was really long lasting for me, didn’t smudge and actually a bit difficult to remove! Good for nights out x

  9. 2014/01/30 / 08:43

    Oooh. I am always on the hunt for a good eyeliner. Might have to give this a try. x

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:17

      Its a solid cheap eyeliner, pretty impressed with it :) x

  10. sarazbeautytonic
    2014/01/30 / 11:26

    i like the effct of liquid liner more than a felt tip one thou a felt tip one is really easy to do

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:18

      I know what you mean, I use felt tip for everyday, liquid for nights out and occasions :)

  11. 2014/01/30 / 18:32

    I have their lip stain which I adore, so I am definitely trying the eye liner next

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:21

      So you rate the lip stain? Do you have a link to it? Keen to try their products :) x

  12. vhema
    2014/01/30 / 22:36

    We dont get nyc in australia. :(


  13. littlemissstyleguru
    2014/02/01 / 02:15

    hate applying it as my hands shake but i like the loreal liquid liner or gel liner xx

    • 2014/02/08 / 00:45

      I know what you mean! takes me a few times to correct my liner, will be checking those out :) xx

  14. Andrea
    2014/02/22 / 05:39

    i like the nyc lip products. i never tried the liquid eyeliner before. my goto eyeliner would definitely be almay! or revlon too. btdubs i luv your hair in the pic!!

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