Popular UK landmarks everyone should visit

The UK is home to many incredible landmarks that are beautiful to look at and with the continued popularity of staycations in Britain, you may find yourself close to one on your next getaway. 

When you Book on to one of the incredible UK tours available, you’ll be able to visit one of these stunning landmarks for a great time with your friends and family. 

A recent infographic from Jules Verne has highlighted some of the most popular UK landmarks based on their TripAdvisor rating and reviews and we’re going to discuss the most popular ones that everyone should visit. 

  1. Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Ranking number one in the highest-rated landmarks, this national park in North Wales scored a whopping 83% ‘Excellent’ rating on TripAdvisor which highlights just how much everyone loves it. 

Popular all year round, when you visit Snowdonia National Park, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful villages, climb the ever-challenging Mount Snowden or swim in their natural lakes – as long as the sun’s out.  

Getting to this beautiful part of Wales is easy as you can travel here by train, boat, car or even fly with regular transfers from airports like Manchester or Liverpool. Make this your next staycation location and you’ll have a whale of a time. 

  1. Loch Ness, Scotland 

Located just outside of Inverness, Loch Ness has become one of the UK’s most popular landmarks to visit. This large body of water is said to be the home of the notorious Loch Ness Monster; a mythical creature that tourists attempt to see when they visit. 

This monster was first spotted in 1933 and has since attracted visitors from all over the world who want to catch a glimpse of ‘Nessie’. The best chance tourists have at seeing the phenomenon is by taking a boat trip around the area and keeping their eyes peeled. 

Once you are in Inverness, getting to Loch Ness is simple with the A82 road being a popular choice for both cars and buses but another common option is to cycle there and take in the beautiful views that surround Loch Ness.  

  1. Alnwick Castle, England 

The infographic discovered that this UK landmark received an average of 49,500 Google searches per month which highlights the popularity of this spot. 

Located in Northumberland, this 11th-century castle is a wonderful place to visit for film buffs with several big films and TV shows using this as a filming location. This includes Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Transformers: The Last Knight and Downton Abbey. This attraction is a great place to visit and people flock from all over the UK to see it. 


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