Poundland Makeup, Beauty and Bargain Buys

Poundland Makeup is one of my favourite beauty bargain buys, often stocking large, well known brands and out of stock releases. I recently had a look as I have heard some stores have stocked Rimmel Lip Crayons and Apocolips – I have tried both of these at full price and loved them so wouldn’t mind finding them in a Poundland or Poundworld. I didn’t find either of these in my local stores but I found a few other bits and pieces that I thought were fantastic bargains and definitely worth sharing!

Fudge Urban have such great hair products, I still need to try their dry shampoo especially since it is half price at Superdrug at the moment. I spotted Poundworld was stocking some of their hair waxes, the Fudge Urban Messy Stuff and Texture Junk. Jon picked up a few of both of these to stock up whilst I had a hunt for any other of their products. I was in luck and found some of their De Gunk Deep Clean Shampoo. I picked up a few and am excited to try it, I think it will be great for washing my hair after nights out when I have used a lot of product. I’ve seen really positive reviews and the fragrance is citrus mint!

poundland makeup

Bourjois Paris Eye lashes have been some of my favourite, especially their ‘Faux & Fabulous’ releases from a few years ago. I picked up the different styles I could find – Miss Couture, More Volume, Smoky Eye, Lady in Black and Rock Chic. I cannot wait to try them out or create unique looks as they are such fun designs. If you like Eye Candy lashes Poundland makeup often have different designs, I picked up Eye Candy 60’s Style Dramatise 016 and 017.

poundland makeuppoundland makeup

Rimmel had some amazing products in the Poundland makeup section, I picked up their Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate 02 and polishes 805 Grey Matter Nail Polish, 170 Lively Lilac and Britpop 713. There were plenty more Rimmel polishes so I had to stop myself!

poundland makeuppoundland makeup

Clearasil had a few products that I thought were worth a try for a pound, especially after finding them in other shops for far more. I picked up the Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads 65 Pads and Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream 25ml and have been pretty impressed with them so far. Poundland’s Jane Asher range is fantastic for any bakers to build up cheap kitchen wear. I have a lot of the pastel collection for my first kitchen but also spotted their cake decorations that were 2 for £1 which is far cheaper than anywhere else.

poundland makeup

My last buys are for my nieces birthday next month and guess what? She loves Frozen. Shes going to be three and there were so many Frozen bits and pieces that I thought she might love. I also picked up a cheap Barbie like doll to try and make into an Elsa doll cake, using the doll for the top and making a skirt out of cake.

poundland makeup

Products mentioned in todays Poundland Makeup, Beauty and Bargain Buys –

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate 02
Rimmel 60 Seconds 805 Grey Matter Nail Polish 8ML
Rimmel “I Love” Lasting Finish Nail Polish 170 Lively Lila
Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Kate Moss Britpop 713
Fudge Urban De Gunk Deep Clean Shampoo 350ml
Fudge Urban Messy Stuff 70ml
Fudge Urban Texture Junk 75ml
Bourjois Miss Couture False Lashes Faux & Fabulous
Bourjois Faux and Fabulous False Lashes More Volume
Bourjois Faux and Fabulous False Lashes Smoky Eye
Bourjois Faux and Fabulous False Lashes Lady in Black
Bourjois Faux and Fabulous False Lashes Rock Chic
Eye Candy 60’s Style Dramatise 016
Eye Candy 60’s Style Dramatise 017
Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream 25ml
Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads 65 Pads



  1. Kayleigh Lindstedt
    2015/01/26 / 08:12

    Such a great post! I love Rimmel salon pro nail varnish, such a bargain to find it in a pound shop!! Will have to have a look the next time I’m in town!

    Kay xx

  2. Rachel
    2015/01/26 / 09:38

    I used to love picking up various make-up brands in my pound land, unfortunately they’ve stopped stocking it now. It’s such a shame, it’s been replaced with their own brand of make-up and nail polish. I’ll have to find somewhere else to hunt beauty bargains!

  3. Laura
    2015/01/26 / 10:20

    I’ve never seen Rimmel etc in my Poundland but I always pick up toiletries there! Shampoo and deodorant etc are always so much cheaper! So jealous of your finds!

    Laura | laurakathren.blogspot.co.uk

  4. liannabell
    2015/01/26 / 10:35

    I love having a good root through woodland, I recently got a tunnel scandaleyes eyeshadow pencil, I’ve not seen the lipsticks but will definitely be having a look for it. I think that the shampoo you got sounds really good, I’m going to have to pick one up to try…

  5. Rachael McClenaghan
    2015/01/26 / 19:48

    The superfruits pads from Clearasil are brilliant. I had so much trouble finding them again, even in the shop I got them from but I must have a look in my local Poundland now. Thanks :)

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  6. 2015/01/27 / 12:21

    I love the little hidden gems you can find in pound shops x

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