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The pleasure that a pair of jeans will fit in the best possible way and also be in perfect harmony with fashion trends is a very particular astral conjunction. If after innumerable efforts with the most varied styles of jeans, ranging from ripped jeans, to boyfriend jeans models large on the thighs to the most classic skinny jeans more faithful than your pet four-legged, the news from the world comes from Freddy jeans with a characteristic that will make you smile at 32 teeth for at least a week. The push-up jeans are here with us and are waiting to be tested.

What are Freddy Push-Up Pants?

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If you know how a push up bra works, Freddy’s denim is more or less the identical. Tailor-made jeans are handled like a prestigious fabric, from the selection of styles to the manufacturing process, to the special treatments and the finishing. All just to enhance with grace and harmony the female curves. But it’s not at all easy to find the right model of jeans that will make you feel like you’re having a perfect B-side while respecting your natural shapes to only enhance your strengths. Do you know how many times you have renounced a crazy jeans model for you because you felt it too tight behind, on the leg, with too much pressure on the belly or maybe because it didn’t fit the shape of the back? But that’s not all: with the renewal of the spring summer fashion wardrobe, Freddy adds a real gem, by providing all its know-how in the field of push up in the service of Denim Consultant, where a team of experts examine and study woman shape and silhouette to identify the right model that can really enhance you. The different cuts, seams and fabrics used are the three technical factors that make these jeans truly unique.
No more insecurities: don’t hide your B-side anymore and show it proudly with custom-made push-up jeans!

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How do Freddy Push-Up work?

Freddy push-up jeans comfortably wrap around your body, as if they were a second skin, without tightening and while avoiding the unsightly rolls and signs of underwear highlighted by common leggings: every imperfection will be obscured, and critical points enhanced.
Wearing the practical and comfortable Freddy push-up jeans is very simple and you can wear them and show off anytime you want: to go out, during a walk, and even for an evening with friends. The push-up jeans should be worn like a normal pant and you won’t have to worry about anything.
So, to wear the practical Freddy push-up jeans, you’ll have to:

-Slip in both legs in the push-up jeans,
-Raise Jeans to the waist.

And you’re done!

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Experience the slimming and push up effect of Freddy push-up jeans

The silicone band placed around the waist assists in fashioning and enhancing your hips, keeping the pants in a stable position and upright. Under the gluteus, along with the particular sewing and the shape of the leg, it defines and lifts them, exalting the feminine sensuality.
The smoothing and lifting effects are the result of the Italian research that invented this patented technology. Using high quality stretch fabrics and silicone finishes, this innovative design is designed to naturally enhance and highlight the shapes of every woman.

Only select the original Freddy Push-Up

Be careful to always select the originals, you may find yourself with low quality push-ups, which may tend to yield.
To be sure you get the originals, you should always check the glazed logo sewn on the back pocket and the label on the crossed loop and the mark on the silicone band inside the waist that are only found on the original Freddy pants. Look for them when you buy one, they are our guarantee of authenticity. It also checks the production label, which must not include China as the country of manufacture.
Choose the push-up jeans that suit you, Freddy has created several to meet your tastes and needs:
Basic Colours
Limited Edition.


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