Rent Nail Polish? Coloristiq nail polish rental service

Rent Nail Polish I thought this was quite a bizarre concept when I was originally contacted by Coloristiq about their nail polish rental service. Who would ever have thought to rent nail polish? Seeing the concept in action I can now definitely see the appeal and the gap in the market as a nail polish addict.

I have so many half used polishes, ones that are now old and bad and need throwing out and even though I have a lot of shades I still loving trying and seeing new varnishes all the time. At Coloristiq you choose the polishes you will receive that month from brands China Glaze, Essie, Morgan Taylor and OPI. You can choose three polishes and will have these for a full 30 days.  After that time there is pre paid returns so you can get the next nail polishes on your wish list. The entire cost of this, including the returns packaging is £14.49.

Rent Nail Polish

The bottles are monitored and each bottle can he used by customer for three applications of nail polish per bottle per month, in total nine paintings per month. Each application is defined as two coats of the same colour on all ten nails so that is plenty. Each bottle is monitored and sanitised to maintain quality.

Rent Nail Polish

I don’t think that I even paint my nails 9 times a month so the amount of applications isn’t overly limited. The sanitization and quality is controlled and assessed so it would be like sharing high end polish at a manicure salon. I love constantly mixing up my nail colours and renting nail polish definitely gives you your moneys worth as well as allowing you to try polishes out for a while before going out and buying them. Having recently been featured in an online article from cosmopolitan this may be a new trend for nail polish…

Rent Nail Polish

Do you think this will catch on? Would you rent nail polish?

I cannot wait to try out my nail polishes, the shades I received are –

OPI Nail Polish French Quarter For Your Thoughts*
Essie Nail Polish – The Lace Is On*
China Glaze Nail Polish, Choo Choo Choose You*



  1. 2014/11/07 / 19:32

    This is a good idea in theory but would people really want to rent nail varnishes? Is it maybe more hassle then it’s worth? I love painting my nails but I like the freedom of choosing the colour I fancy on that given day, I don’t know that I’d be happy painting my nails with polishes I’ve chosen beforehand as it’s quite restricted.. xx

    Ioanna |

  2. Mysty Nyckel
    2014/11/07 / 20:50

    You’re right. With your title, my first thought was what the…?! Then I thought about all the nail polishes I throw out every few years barely even touched! I won’t let myself buy more either because it gets a bit ridiculous. I’m kind of a big fan of this!!

  3. Laura Kelly
    2014/11/08 / 00:47

    This really caught my eye, I was like what?! But it does make complete sense! x

    Laura |

  4. 2014/11/08 / 03:24

    It makes a lot of sense in terms of me constantly throwing out gloopy polish, but I also don’t know how many people would actually use the service. It seems a lot of hassle and is quite pricey considering the application limits.

  5. 2014/11/11 / 16:08

    What a brilliant idea! I never use up nail polish… I have several nail lacquers that I’ve only used once and haven’t touched since :-S

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