Revlon Neon Nail Art Review – #130 Laser Beam Blue

Revlon Neon Nail Art ReviewRevlon Neon Nail Art 130 Laser Beam

I bought this Neon Revlon Nail Art polish a while ago but hadn’t tried it until today. I must say I was really unimpressed with it. Looking online now so many people seem to not rate it either so it isn’t just me.

  1. Starting off with swatch 1 – I didn’t read the instructions so just painted my swatch straight with the blue. The polish was thin and see-through but blobby and didn’t spread easily or evenly. It didn’t dry glossy either and took 4 coats to end up looking even, smooth, glossy, but isn’t what I’d call a glossy shade.
  2. Swatch 2 – Realising I should read the instructions I did as required, 2 coats of the white polish topped with 2 coats of the blue. The white polish is meant to build up a background to make the neon colour really pop and stand out. The white polish was a different consistency and as a polish on its own is very good, after 2 coats it gave a good block, even colour. Applying the blue over the top looked so dark with 2 layers of polish and seemed to look so close to my 1st swatch but took double the time.
  3. Swatch 3 – I strayed away from the instructions applying 1 coat of the white polish and then one of the blue. As you can see it gives a far better neon colour but is so streaky, even though I tried my best to get it even. It’s a weak colour and very inconsistent on the swatch but the closest to the neon shade.

Overall I like the white polish on its own but this isn’t a neon blue and applying 4 layers of polish to achieve this effect really isn’t worth the time. I also am really not keen on the packaging, I can’t store my tube of polish easily like my other nail polish bottles.

Have you had any good results with Revlon Neon Nail Art?

Any recommendations for alternative Neon Nail Polish?

Revlon Neon Nail Art #130 Laser Beam