Shellac Nails DIY

Instructions – How To Do Shellac Nails At Home

I love to go for a manicure at the salon but it is very expensive. I chip regular polish so easily I have started doing my own shellac nails diy style at home. I love that bit of indulgence, taking a little me time. The steps for shellac are very simple and should be easy to follow for anyone who uses regular polishes. Shellac is longer lasting than regular polish and doing your shellac nails at home can save you a lot of money. Before applying Shellac, make sure that you don’t have any existing nail fungus. You can visit to find out if you have nail fungus and what to do to treat it if you have it.

Shellac Nails DIY

Shellac is simple and easy with these tips and step by step instructions as it really is no harder to use than regular nail polish, however it does require a UV nail lamp. It may take you slightly longer to apply but shellac nails last around two weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow.

Everything you will need:

Shellac Nails DIY Instructions –

1. Prep

File nails and gently push back cuticles. When happy with the nail shape clean well to remove any dust with a lint free cotton pad.

Shellac Nails DIY

2. Primer

Apply a thin layer of SuperBond and leave to air dry for 20 seconds so that the Shellac adheres well.

3. Base

Apply a thin layer of base coat, starting at the cuticle and slowly brushing to the tip of the nail in even strokes. Be careful to start a millimetre from the skin, then cure with the UV lamp. The nail will be dry but has sticky residue so don’t touch.

Shellac Nails DIY

4. Colour

Paint two, sometimes three very thin colour coats, curing with the UV light between each layer. Stay just inside the edge of the base coat and make sure to leave a tiny edge all the way around the nail. The nail polish will be dry after curing but will still have its sticky residue so don’t touch.

5. Nail art

Once you are happy with your solid nail colour apply any nail art to your nails using other shellac nail polish shades. Followed by curing under your UV lamp.

Shellac Nails DIY

6. Top Coat

When you are happy with your design apply a thin top coat and cure with the UV lamp. To make it last keep the polish from touching the skin or cuticle. As with the other coats use even strokes and keep it thin.

7. Residue

You nails are finished but will have a sticky residue which can be removed with rubbing alcohol, and alcolol wipe or as I use alcohol hand sanitisers. I love the Merci Handy black vanilla. Wipe each nail with some on a cotton pad and your nails are finished and shiny. Sooth cuticles with some almond CND SolarOil.

Shellac Nails DIY

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